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6 Pack This Summer


hey, i just signed up for this site earlier this month. my goal is to have a 6 pac this summertime and put on some muscle. I am doing cardio in the morning right when I wake up and then later in the day I am lifting weights alot. Pretty much follwoing the 100 workouts to ripped city by Dr. Lowery.

anyways this my first post lol, I just figured out how to post, I couldn't find the button lol!


Well, its gonna be rough for you to put on some serious muscle while trying to lose fat. It's way easier to do that when your bulking. Well, at least you'll be ripped for all the beach babes. Hopefully.


yeah I hope so! I think I'll be able to put on a little muscle, and I'm doing pushups everyday too. My chest gets really pumped up after I do 3 sets of 20. I'm going to work on some crunches when I watch a tv show at night lol


Are you doing weights? We would all highly recommend it for fatloss. Im sure if you stick around for awhile you'll notice the importance we all place on diet and resistence excercise, maybe energy system work for getting lean.

Also, use the search engine to find renegade rope training. By coach Davies. It has helped me get leaner and has the benefit of not really requiring much equipment, time or a gym.


yes, I am lifting on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. that is my schedule i am using so far.

Today I did squats and deadlifts, and then I did some pushups , upright rows, biceps curl, and some shoulder exercises. so today I did cardio in the morning right when I woke up and then I did about an hour of wieghts this afternoon. tonight i am doing some crucnhes when I get off the computer lol.


If you're getting closer to your goals then keep going! Good look with the 6 pack..


thanks! I just finished my cardio for the day. I plan on reaching my goal, i think it won't take the whole 100 sessions but I'm going to stick it through til the end anyways


I'm going to drink all the 6-packs I can on my summer vacation. And not just 6-packs of beer. Pack of vixens on the beach is also my primary target.


right on , thats a good goal!!


What's your training like?


If we are talking 6 packs and summer, do you mean like a BMC product, or we are talking more top-shelf gas station beer, like a Newcastle...?

wait a minute, you may not be talking about beer at all!


I am training similar to a routine I saw in Arnolds encyclopedia but I modified it a little bit.

mon - upper body
tue- lower
thur- upper
fri- lower

upper body is usually around 9-15 sets each for chest and back , then about 6-9 sets of shoulders, and 3 or 4 sets for biceps and triceps

lower body is typically squats for 5 sets, deadlifts for 5 sets, calf rasies, leg ext, leg curl and then I will finsihed with a set of 20 rep squats which is brutal lol! today my hamstrings are a little sore but my quads are not that sore, i think riding the stationry bike helps out with quad soreness.

is that ok workouts?


My personal opinion? unless you're really green, don't do squats and deadlifts together, too much strain (at least for me) and drop the leg extensions and curls...never did anything for me (may work for you, who knows?)

Oh yeah, chins and dips (or military press) do better then direct arm work for most new people (speaking from expirience)



First off welcome to the site. You should be able to get a lot of info on here in a short amount of time. What is important is what you choose to do with that info and how you apply it.

It might be helpful for everyone if you could give us an idea of where you are at with you body comp now and where you have been in the past.

Give us a sample workout so we can comment. Give us a day or 2 of your diet log. The more info we have, the easier it will be to give advice



I dunno. I like doing variations of squats and deadlifts in the same workout. I'm doing TBT at the moment, and Mondays presently have sumos and front squats on the same day. I like that not being able to walk feeling for the next day.

For your hammies, I'm pretty partial to Good Mornings and Romanian Deadlifts. They getcha good.

Also, for abs, check out John Davies "Real Abs." http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459681
That stuff hurts so good.


thanks for the advice


thanks for the welcome,

last time i weighed myself which was at the begginning of this month I wieghed around 190lb at 6'1". I think my bodyfat is around 15%. I can start to see my abs but still have some fat and love handle area

my diet is pretty simple but I think it is solid. I'm keeping my carbs around my workouts, but I eat vegetables at every meal except my PWO shake.

yesterday i ate:

breakast 1
2 eggs
2 egg whites
tbsp coconut oil
1oz whey
2 slices of turkey bacon

breakfast #2
milk protien isolate shake
1 tbsp fish oil

2oz whey
1tbsp natural penut butter
1tbsp fish oil

PW0 shake
80g of dextrose and maltodextrin
40g of whey isolates
and some creatine

112g of whole wheat pasta
1c tomato
2 cups of broccoli
8oz of lean fish

before bed I had
1.5oz milk protien isolate
1tbsp peanut butter
1tbsp fish oil

It usually comes out to around 2300 calories and 240g of protein, 150-200 carb, and 50-60g of fat.

My workout from monday was

bench 3 sets 12, 8 , 8 reps
incline bench 3 sets 10, 8, 11 reps
incline db fly 3 sets 12-15reps

bent rows 3 sets 12, 8 , 8
wide grip lat pulldown 3 sets
v handle lat pulldown 3 sets

standing military pres 3 sets
side lateral raise 3 sets

bb curl and tricep pressdowns for 3 supersets

finished with barbell shrugs for 3 sets


hey thanks, I just looked at the abs article, it looks tough. I think I'm going to hold off on doing it because it was too complicated for me, maybe when I get more advance I will venture into that. thanks again


The diet looks ok, but I don't see you eating the veggies at every meal like you mentioned.

I didn't do any calc on the macro and kcal, but if you are 190 and 6'1" I would think that you need A LOT more calories than 2300 per day, just to maintain.

Go read Dr. John Berardi's G-FLux article or the old "massive eating." You could also check out his website at www.johnberardi.com Should give you a better idea of calories needs for someone your size.


Hi 020206. I like your split routine. Try to incorporate max effort(ME) and dynamic effort(DE) into them. For instance, max effort on the chest on Monday, DE back and shoulders. Tuesday, ME squats and hack squats, DE deadlifts. Thurs DE chest, ME back and shoulders. Fri DE squats, ME deads and leg curls... Rotate exercises (start chest, then back, then shoulders for a month, then move to back, shoulders, chest for a month... you get the idea.) There's no reason to not do squats and deads the same day, just vary the intensity!

AND if you're interested in gaining muscle, EAT MORE! If you're not gaining a pound a week, then you're not eating enough. Eat until you hate eating, then eat some more.

Thus says a disciple of He Who Need Not Be Named. You all know who I mean.