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6 Pack Please


Hey i was just wondering if theres any secrets to a fast six pack im 14 almost 15 and iv tired everything but i can only feel my 6 pack i cant see it help please


Your not allowed to have a six pack until you are 21....sorry.


sorry i forgot to include that fact that im about 5'5 and 123 pounds and i also play heighschool football so im in good shape but id also like to know aobut some good chest workouts aswell thanks you



This is not Santas Hotline. Go to the archives, read them for the next five years, and apply all of the essential concepts that are conveyed in the training and nutrition articles to your training. If you do that, and still don't have a sixpack, come back and ask again.


At 123 pounds, I'd be more worried about putting on muscle than getting a 6-pack. You can get shredded later, once you have something to show. Eat your ass off, lift heavy and sleep lots. Just my opinion though.

If you are hell bent on seeing your abs, search back through the diet articles. Berardi's "Lean Eating" are great! Good Luck!



You need to worry about your education first. "Heighschool?"

And you're playing football at 123 lbs? Don't worry about your abs kid, put on some mass first and then cut down to show your abs.


If you build it, they will come.

You need more muscle if you want to see them.


but thats my problem i already have enough bulk thats why i wanted to know a few exercizes


nate dog is right. you need some more bulk. youll be very hard pressed to find any one here who will say that 5'5" 123 lbs is "enough bulk". 123 kg....now were talkin.

eat, sleep, lift.


I want to see a picture. I am willing to bet that you will get made fun of if you present that line with a picture of yourself. You weigh 15# more than my 5'5" girlfriend, and she is a size 3.


Dude, Please.....


At 123lbs, you do not... I'll repeat that... DO NOT have enough bulk. Shit, I have 60lbs on you and I could stand to gain 50 more. Listen to what everyone is saying on this thread, they all have more experience then you do.



No shit. He's one inch taller than me, and I have 40lbs on him! And I could still put on more size!

I was 123lbs when I graduated high school. I was not big. Neither are you.


I know a girl who's 4'11 100lbs that can bench you... FOR REPS.


I smell a jokester


Start by reading everything on this thread, and then come back and ask questions.



I was 5'4" 123 when I was a distance runner. You are skinny.



Here are a few exercises:

Fork Raises
Protein Shake Gulps
Bench Presses
Military Presses
Power Cleans
Calf Raises

I can't believe you're a high school football player and you're saying you have enough "bulk." Have you looked at the varsity players? Do you want to make varsity? Then start eating and lifting. You should be going for mass and function for your sport, not visible abs.


OneEye has it on.

Seriously man. Even I would take your spot on the varsity squad.


So, that would make you the place kicker, right? But, still a small kicker at that. Please eat.