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6 Pack for Women, Questions

Hi strong women!

I have never met a female in real life who had a true 6 pack abs. Like all 6 blocks and everything. I know you guys are out there but I haven’t come across one I have met in real life. That being said, I know it’s possible to achieve and been working hard towards it. I am of course working towards being muscular in general for my sports, but I really would love to hear from women who had their 6 pack journey. I have questions…

  1. How long did it take you personally?
  2. Tell me about your nutrition to get it and macros
  3. LIfting types/schedule/etc
  4. What kind of core exercises did you do/how often

Did any of you experience one side popping out more than another?

Please see my pic. As you can tell, my left (but your right in the pic) second block is coming out more, but not really on the other side. It’s been like that for what feels like forever…and I just can’t help but wonder if the other side will ever come in. How patient should I be? It just helps to hear from other people’s stories. I’ve seen great progress from my weight training in general, as other parts of my body gets muscular as well. I know these things take time but it’s nice to know other women’s journeys!!!IMG_0941