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6 Pack For the First Time


Hi gang

After getting sick of my love handles and sagging gut i have decided to go on a cutting phase.Now ive never really done one before.
Im 6'4 249 pounds at the moment.Good amount of muscle.The thing that bothers me is being 6'4 if i lose to much weight ill go back to looking like a skinny lanky cunt as i use to be back in the day.Ive bulked up from 180 to 249.
But after i realised for the first time in my life im getting fat i decided i want to get the "6 pack" for the first time in my life,ive had a 4 pack at the most but as now i have a 2 pack only when i flex the flab :smiley:
The real reason why im doing this apart from being disgusted with myself is my old man.im very much like him in the body department,not much fat at all on the limbs but the torso is the bad spot for us, moobs and hairy big stomach's :frowning:
Now my dad has taken it to the extreme and is a 300 pounder at 6,2

So im looking for some advice with this goal of mine.I DONT do well on low carbs 150grams and under,get really fuckin cranky and get the shakes and generally want to die "lol"

Even though i have a family i have time so that wont be much of a problem.Can easily get to the gym 5 days a week.

Money is a problem though,not much of it plus supps down under and are fuckin rip off. $70-90 for a week and a halk supply of protein powder? NO THANKS

As for my training i was thinking of hitting the legs and back really hard as most of the body's muscle is on those 2 bodyparts.

So any general tips from some tall big guys who have decided to cut and didnt end up looking to small in the end?

Thanks in advance



Check 100 workouts to ripped city...

I started it and have really noticing an improvement and still gaining strength and having awesome workouts in the afternoon.

As far as diet I just try to eat right. Get my protein, stay away from fatty foods and get a goods night rest.

Good Luck


I've been cutting for about 4 weeks now - doing CT's Carb Codex using his cutting parameters (it rules) and doing CW's High Frequency System. (it also rules). Have actually gained lean body weight. But luckily it's been all mass. Right now 239 @10% (as of last Thursday) at a shade under 6'5. The goal is to be somewhere between 230-240 at around 8%. I figure it's going to take another 8-12 weeks.

For cardio, obviously I'm rowing - not as hard as I normally do - but I'm basically following the "100 workouts" parameters - but fuck walking - that's bullshit. I'd rather row - however, I have a HR monitor so I keep my HR at around 125-130 - it feels like a granny row - but well, right now a 6 pack intrigues me more than speed.

good luck


Is your primary goal to be trim or is your goal to have a six pack?

If your primary goal is to be trim and you're not eating right, then changing your diet should do the trick (i'm assuming you're currently on some sort of work out program).

There are tons and tons of articles on T-Nation discussing what types of food to eat, when to eat, how often to eat, how much to eat, etc...

The general rule it boils down to is eat something (not candy) every 2.5 to 3 hours. Make sure and eat breakfast, get your protein.