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could 6-oxo in and of itself cause you to test positive for steroids?


Are you retarded?



I have my reasons for asking. I know nothing about steroids, and can't afford to fail an employment drug test which screens for steroids. the supplement contains something called androstenetrione. if you don't like the question don't respond, why even waste the energy typing?


No, but looks like you are.

I doubt you would test positive but I'm not certain.


HELLO CY? are you out there? what is this stuff? is it as big of a joke as the progesterone junk?


6-oxo is a supplement/steroid (touted as an effective aromatase inhibitor) which has been around for some time. It's been covered before.

No, nothing like the M-1P products I had mentioned before.


As far as whether it could cause a positive, that would be something I would discuss with the manufacturer.

If whomever the testing agency may be, is using RIA, as pointed out in the link, it could very well cause a false positive.

Hope that helps.


your question should have been, 'Has anyone actually benefitted from that 6 oxo bullshit?' For the love of god, SAVE YOUR MONEY!