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Anybody tried 6-oxo or had any good results from it?

I tried but didn’t see any results…I was stacking with 1-TU at the time so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not.

I took it alone and found small gains. However, when I combined it with TRIBEX and ZMA the results were much better

something I would save for post cycle therapy. I’ve had success using it this way to help boost natural T- levels after heavy pro- steroid cycles. Also i have found it best if it is used with a tapering dose protocol.

Not to say that you use couldn’t use it as a stand alone product to manage estrogen levels- but it is certainly not as potent for raising T levels as the ads would lead you to believe. Stick with something like Alpha Male for this purpose.


Bill Roberts and Cy Willson both graced us with their presence and weighed in on this. Very good read and a thread worth saving.

Have a look.