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Has anyone used it?

I tried finding an article where Cy covered it, to no avail.

But, basically, it’s crap.

I have used it - love the stuff. I am into a 6 week cycle now. One of the only non-Biotest supps I take.

Ok ok, so one person says its crap, the other says they love it. My question, for thor, Why do you love it? Do you find it is effective in jump starting your bodies T production? Also, do you use it alone or in conjunction with an aromatase inhibitor? Also, to the person that says it is crap, have you tried it? Why do you think it is crap?

I do remember reading a Cy article about it and it blows. I believe the assays that said it increases testosterone are flawed because androstenetriole will be identified as test in the assay.

I would stick to proven anti-e’s and anti aromatase drugs, i.e. tamoxifen, clomid, arimidex, etc.

I’ve used it many times… I am pretty damn sure it helped me recover from PH cycles before…and I used it as an aromatase inhibitor by itself… Maybe I got lucky, but it HAS been documented to bind to aromatase, as well as boost free test levels…

A lot of people are parrots, and will adamantly repeat whatever they read, or what Cy tells them… not saying this is what the earlier poster did… but all I can say is that I’ve seen a lot of people waxing biotest’s car on these forums… yes, they’re good products… yes, they work… but don’t slam every other product that isn’t biotest… not until you at least have tried it.

They sell this shit like it is “a reset switch for your body after a pro-hormone cycle.” Somewhere I had seen it is adrostentriole and I wondered about that…