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6 oxo or M


I am planning on doing the Test stack in the Feb issue of musle and fitness.
Consisting of tribex,red-kat, and either 6 oxo or M. My question is does M work as effectivley as 6 oxo and the same way?


i'm also curious, so....bump?


Well from what I have read on 6-OXO the main component is 300 mgs of
..which appears to be a prohormone derivitive in and of it self, which is funny because I normally am only worried about estrogen at the end of a prohormone cycle. The label recommends that you take it in cycles of 4-6 weeks. I am sure there is more science to it than this, but it just doen't feel right to take a prohormone as an anti-estrogen. But I am not educated in the scientific terminology on hormonal substrates either so it could just sound like a prohormone and not actually be one. I would like to hear some other thought or expiriences on this as well.


The difference being is that 6-OXO is an suicide aromatise inhibitor which, if I understand correctly, actually prevents the creation of oestrogen (no spelling mistake BTW guys, that's how we spell it in the UK).




Yeah, but is it a prohormone?


Has anyone used the stuff? 6-OXO that is?


M is also a suicide aromatise inhibitor with no prohormone. It's designed to decrease the amount of estrogen that is aromatized and optimize the male endocrine system... Just my 2 cents.


BMF is right. 6-OXO is a suicide aromatase inhibitor meaning it binds to the aromatase enzyme in a permanent and irreversible manner, making it inactive.
But this only lasts for as long as that particular aromatase enzyme is around (they're turned over).

Both are good products, but I think the 6-OXO might have more positive feedback (more overall users so a larger feedback pool to choose from) than M.


where did you find the info about M being a suicide, I called bio-test, and they were not familier with that terminnology. I am waiting to start until I figure with one will be better. I would prefer to go with a biotest product if it is as effective.


The components in M bind to estrogen receptor sites, essentially blocking estogen from doing the binding. Much different action than what 6-OXO does.

Between the two, 6-OXO is definitely a more aggressive approach to minimizing estrogen. Most people that I know of now only use 6-OXO by itself when coming off of a pro-hormone/pro-steroid cycle. It could work the same way for you as well in terms of your stack. :wink:


If M&F recommends it, it MUST be good.