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6 Nations Thread..

so - who is gonna win?

a few predictions first.

England to win the championship.
No outright 6 nations grand slam.
Big Lawrence to figure heavily at blindside in later games.
Wales to miss shanklin more than Henson?
Italy being the whipping boys yet again?

I think England can do very well here but whats plainly obvious is that our back line is or was lacking some flair and pace in the November tests - none more so than against the all blacks.
If were to be champions outright again i feel this needs to be addressed.
I would back the pack to gain adequate possession but due to the problems mentioned previously i can see us being champs.

France are always scary, i just dont know what teams gonna turn up? Brilliance or terrible? Watching their first division they seem to have a wealth of world class wingers. Have to wait and see on that one.

Cant see scotland doing much. Just in a dire state.

Wales - pack struggled in the summer. Backs seemed fine but no henson and shanklin? Scrummaging at twickenham? who knows.

Ireland. Becomming like the french team of the early 90 s - either good, or poor. I see em midtable

Thoughts or predictions anyone?


there must be some rugby fans out there?

speak up!


Hmm, England to win championship, France will probably beat us, hence everyone will say how terrible/boring/etc. England are and how despite winning, we never beat the French...

...something like that.


Ireland will win. Hands down. England probably third.


nothing out of the ordinary then! i live in england but am half welsh so i dont really care who wins as long as its a darn good torny!

anyone else thing italy were unlucky earlier against ireland?


Italy played like a team you HAVE to beat as opposed to a team that turn up and get rolled over.
Anyways...back to England-wales.


You failed to mention Scotland :slight_smile:

So long as we beat the auld enemy I'll be happy :slight_smile:

Seriously, though I have watched rugby union over the years I have never really understood the nuances of the sport so can never fully appreciate the game as a whole. Like many casual observers I mainly enjoy a free flowing game.

If you think of Gareth's (forget his surname, I'm ashamed to say) try for the Barbarians vs The All Blacks circa 1974 then you'll know what I mean.



I agree and personally have seen non informed sport observers being able to fully appreciate Rugby league for the very reasons you mentioned.

There is nothing to bring up century old rivalries like Rugby union though.
Scotland will have it tough tomorrow i feel.
Englands pack is impressive so far. Id still rather see Julian White in the tight though.


Is it available on the 'net anywhere as streaming audio?


  • its over now and England have beaten wales, Ireland have beaten Italy. Scotland play France tomorrow.

is the link you need at match time.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/ for more info and the link.


Good start, more like that please!


two good matches. though i must admit that wales need to pack on a few pies and hit the squat rack as they were seriosuly overpowered by england in the scrum.


who cares?
The All Blacks cleaned house with the 6 Nations last year

Super 14 is what matters.
3 NZ teams in the semi finals


theres always one.
Yes New zealand are a great team at the mo.
Super 14 is not all that matters.


3 NZ teams? Nope, only 2. Crusaders and Hurricanes. Bulls are South African and Waratahs are Australian.

I really wish they would keep 12. New teams are no problem, just not MORE teams. The Super 12 was watered down enough as it was without 2 more teams. I hope I'm wrong...

France for the 6 Nations, hands down. I have England pegged for 2nd. None of the other teams come close, not even Wales.


Depending on what france turns up to play scotland this afternoon i may agree.
Also, we (England) at times were very very good yesterday. If we can click in the centers we'd be back to 2003 form. Man it was good to have lawrence back.


Hmm, so much for a French grand-slam. Excellent Scotland performance, great to see them beat the Frogs.

Looks like we've got a good contest on then!


indeed it does. i know its early days but, on current form, england will take it.

i was really impressed with italy and hope they dont get the wooden spoon this year.

today france and scotland were making too many mistakes for international level rugby.


My Favourite part of the England v Wales game was when eddi BUtler asked who was captain of England as Corry was off and Brian Moore said "I don't no who is officially captain but I can Garantee Lawrence Dallaglio is unofficially"!!!!
Also Scotland were awesome today should be a hell of a game between them and Wales next week!


I'd just like to mention what a gigantic pansy Gavin Henson is...even if he is putting it to Charlotte Church...still a huge poof in my book...

Dal looks in FORM after 17 months off from England though...must admit England look formidable again...

On a side note, is Steve Thompson juiced up? Had a friend who played for Cambridge who said he has got some serious backne going on...I prefer Lee Mears anyways...but Phil Greening was the MAN!