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6 Months Work


Hey this is me now after 6 months, above is me before


this is me now


this is me now


You need to eat.




Is this a Joke? I think I recall seeing this before.


you look like an AIDS patient.


jajaja funny on the AIDS joke.

Jokes a side, OP don't be afraid of bulking and gain some fat along the way. However congrats on your gains so far.



OMG dude this shit was here before right? Honestly, I don't see any major gains for this to be posted in the RMP again. And I really thought RMP was really going great with all the good posts recently.

You need to eat man. Don't be scared of fat, it's not gonna kill you to gain some of it.


you need to eat...




In another post he wrote "iv only been training from ayear and i have lost 75lbs in weight"

Trolling along


Nice bones bro


+1, looks like they ...
Are the same. hmm.


I can clearly see the improvement, good job. My advice is eat bigger. A gallon of milk per day works for many your age. Squat every week, heavy. Check out Mark Rippetoe's methods. Now go eat some more. Eggs, meat, cottage cheese, tuna, milk, chicken.


Nice proportion.


you like to wear weird pants!


You have gained few pounds... Like ppl say- you need to increase your caloric intake... Carbs - but not sugars doh...
I was the same figure long time ago... weighted 160 @ 6'4"... now I'm 247 pounds obviously at same height...

But do consider bulking - use search and check out Thibs's Truth about bulking article... nutrition for newbies articles etc...
You'll eventualy get bigger - if that's you plan and you won't pack on excesive bodyfat if you do things correctly :wink:

Eat, train and sleep... and you got it covered :wink:

P.S.: I have to sy guys you are not helping ppl with those humorous statements... sure they r funny - but to some - they can be a real beatdown.. Try to motivate ppl... None of you have Olympia material body... NONE.
People come up here to find encouragement and motivation - not humiliation. Consider that.
Write that down.

Peace, Marlboro


and you look like a skinnyfat frustrated dude... maybe he don't speak english that well... Happy now?


I appreciate you trying to critique my appearance but you are missing what I am saying.
The quote is saying he lost 75 pounds to look like his boney self in the past year.
In this new post he is saying he gained some skin on his bones in the past 6 months.