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6 Months Out (My Cycle)


Hello all. First I want to start by saying that I am just considering AAS right now. I am still making gains with proper diet and hard work. I have been interested for many years though. I have been in the gym since I was 18 on and off and been steady for the past 4 years. I am 33 now. I had to take about a year off due to a nerve injury and have been back for about 8 months now.

I at in the gym 4 times a week with a split routine. and currently weigh 236lbs with about 19% BF. I know that is a little bit high but I am working on lowering that to around 12 % in the next 6 months. I eat pretty cleanly and take in 3500 cal. That includes about 150 g protein. I currently am taking Alpha Male, Oils, Grow!, Carbolin 19, multi vitamin. My goal is to lose this extra fat I am carying about 7% to lose in the next 6 months then do a cycle ang get to 250lbs and stay there. So this is what I have so far and I am sure I will need to make some changes.

Wk 1
1000mg TE
25 - 50 mg day Dianabol
10 - 20 mg day Nolvadex

Wk 2-4
500mg TE
25 - 50 mg day Dianabol
10 - 20 mg day Nolvadex

Wk 5 - 8
500mg TE
10 - 20 mg day Nolvadex
500ui HCG

Wk 9- till normal

20 mg day Nolvadex

What should I add or remove from this? I know it is not needed to have Nolva included during the cycle but I also read it will prevent some side effects. If I really dont need it till after week 10 please inform.




I hope you meant at least 250g if not 350g of protein. 150 isn't enough for me to even maintain at 190lbs. I would include clomid pct also.


I am taking about 150 - 200 now. If I do cycle I understand that it will have to be much higher as you advise. Do you think it should be that high while not cycling?


In general, even without AAS the minimum you should be be injesting is 1 Gram/Per LB of bodyweight, preferably 1.5 - 2


If your serious about building muscle, your protien intake should be 1.5-2grm per pound on cyle or off cycle. As far as your cycle, I would suggest using an aromatose inhibitor such as arimidex or letrozole as opposed to nolva. This will stop estrogen before it starts and keep you relativley dry during cycle. Save your nolva for post cycle therapy. Make sure you allow enough clearance time before you start your pct. Good luck