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6 Months on TRT, SHBG Decreased, Change Protocol?

Is it common at all to change the frequency of your dose when SHBG levels decrease in order to reflect that change?

I’m 6 months in now on TRT and had pretty high SHBG when I started (55 nmol/L; 16.5 - 55.9 range). My latest test showed 30 nmol/L. I’ve been doing 1 per week @ 160 mg Test Cyp, which could be why my SHBG decreased (relatively high and infrequent dose)? My question is, should I now consider increasing my weekly frequency to EOD (or even ED) to reflect the decreased SHBG? I realize it’s not really low, but it’s also not high like it was before, so contemplating if I should consider a more frequent dose based on what I’ve read about SHBG being a factor to consider when determining frequency.

If it isn’t broke… If you feel optimal and have no symptoms then leave it alone, unless of course you feel different the last couple of days before an injection.

Your SHBG is ideal at midrange, not too little and not too much.

If you feel good, stay where you are, the SHBG won’t drop forever. If you are waning by day 4, try twice a week. Do not go mor frequent unless your SHBG suddenly tanks.