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6 Months on TRT. Endo Says Lab Tests Are Fine. Advice?

I’ve been on trt for six months.
I use a 100 mg cypre test every 5 days and hcg 250 every three days.
The level of my total testosterone before the treatment was on a high level but I had very high shgb so the level of free testosterone was very low.
Since the beginning of the treatment I feel much better, I have more energy and the most important I do not have depressive states as it was before.
I am under the constant care of an endocrinologist and I have been referred to laboratory tests and their results are below.
The endocrinologist claims everything is fine but I have doubts …
Would any of the users of this forum be able to assess my results? I would be very grateful.

If you feel good, then fine. I didn’t see a number for testosterone or SHBG. But if the problem symptoms are gone, I’d say keep on keepin’ on.

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Cortisol looks pretty high. Do you do a lot of cardio, or drink alcohol fairly regularly?

Reason I’m asking is because, if you are working out and trying to make muscle gains, that high cortisol is indicating that you are in a catabolic state, which is counterproductive to building muscle.

Also cholesterol is telling you that you need to cut back on the trans and saturated fats.

Other than that we couldn’t tell you much without Testoterone (Total and Free) and SHBG as @hardartery stated.

TSH is indicating hyperthyroidism. Your estrogen looks low and is common in men with high SHBG, high Total T and low Free T which I didn’t see as part of your testing. Free T is the only thing that matters, Total T is useless and your body will see none of it.

Endo’s are a numbers doctor, that don’t give a care in the world about how you feel, they are tasked with keeping Total T <800 as instructed by insurance companies or state healthcare. You may need to seek private care for your TRT in order to allow optimal levels.

I feel more than comfortable saying your doctor is shortchanging you and keeping levels suboptimal.

I am sorry that I am answering so late but I can not use my previous account.
Thank you very much for all the answers.

Results before trt:

12.203pg / ml 1.0 - 28.28

TESTOSTERON 24.0124.01nmol / l 8.64-29.

SHBG 83.78 ^ nmol / l 18.3 - 54.1

After trt:

SHBG (S) [I83] SHBG 48.948.9nmol / L 17.1-77.6

TESTOSTERON (S) [49.71 ^ nmol / l 8.33-30.19

On the day of injection, I use 1/4 letrozole tablets.

I am treated privately and I pay a lot of money for every visit to an endocrinologist.

I am very worried about the thyroid, because I read that with these results the fog suffers from Hypothyroidism Secondary, but I do not know it …
Does a blocked pituitary gland cause this?
In previous thyroid laboratory tests, the endocrinologist asked for an acth laboratory test as well and it was normal.

I drink a lot of alcohol, unfortunately, and eat a lot of mayonnaise, which can cause high cholesterol.

I do not train at the gym, but I have a very hard physical work and often spend at work 10 hours including Saturdays.

Your estrogen is too low back off the letro.


okay, I will.