6 Months on TRT Been Feeling Great Till Now

Okay so first things first. I’m 28 work out often and have a decently clean diet. I’ve been on trt for six months and honestly have never felt so awesome in my life. Before I started it I was extremely depressed, didn’t look forward to anything, extremely lethargic, moody, just an overall unhappy depressed person. My total t was 318, and my free t was like 6. I don’t remember any levels of anything else. Which I’m realizing was a big mistake.

I was started on 140mg of test cypionate a week for six weeks. Then tested again I remember my total was like 418 and again I didn’t pay attention to anything else. Dr upped my dose to 170mg a week for another 6 weeks and then took labs. My total was at 523 and I remember my e2 was a flat 20. At this point I was feeling awesome putting on a lot of muscle losing a lot of fat. Sex was awesome. I really felt the benefits of it. Mentally I was just a different person.

Dr wanted to up my dose again to 200mg a week. Of course I wasn’t about to say no. I was feeling awesome looked awesome. I was like hell yeah. 3 months later I get my labs done for my 6 months. My total t is at 738 no/dL SHBG is at 36.5 nmol/L and estradiol is at 50.0 pg/ml. Dr prescribed me 1mg astrazole(sp) to take two days after my injection.

I really haven’t done much research on trt till this point because I’ve been feeling awesome and just wasn’t worried about anything. I wish that wasn’t the case but it is. After reading about astrazole(sp) I’m worried if this is the right thing or what. I guess I’m just looking for advice and guidance on how to keep everything optimal. I’m starting to feel like the dr is just treating everything as a standard and not really personalized to me and that’s worrying me a little now.

You said it yourself, you were feeling great.

Go back to that protocol where you felt the best (170mg) and drop the AI.

More is not always better. You just overshot the range where your body was responding well.


Exactly what I was thinking. Especially after reading all the stuff about AI. If I’m understanding correctly I shouldn’t have excess e2 if I’m getting the right amount of T. Correct?

Yup, go back to 170 if you feel better there, don’t worry about the numbers. If that’s what works for you then stick with it.

Do not use an AI

How long did it take you to start feeling better when you first started with TRT?

I would say I was really noticing some solid changes mentally and physically around the three month mark. That’s when I was really starting to notice how much bigger I was getting muscle wise. I had a huge drive to just be better at everything I was doing. When I start to think about it that has kinda started to diminish a little recently. Another thing I’ve started to notice is a little pain in my left chest after my last injection. Idk if it’s related but my mind has been racing since I got my blood work back.

Men typically will have higher e2 on TRT versus naturally produced T, this is not an issue. If you are experiencing symptoms just lower your dosage or break up your shots into smaller ones, but going for the AI is just counterproductive when you don’t really need it.

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First you can try to keep the 200mg but split it on two to 100mg or go to 2 x 90mg per week and ditch the bloody AI. If you notice feeling better on 2 injections per day you can try EOD.

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What was the doc’s motivation for upping your dose when you were already feeling awesome? Strange reasoning. The whole point of TRT is about how you feel and function, not what your numbers are.

Your subjective response to the protocol and anecdotal evidence should weigh as heavily - if not more - than the lab work.

Sounds like you had a the right dose and weren’t struggling with estrogen issues. That may be where you need to be.

I feel like he is going strictly by numbers. He asked me how I felt I said great and then he was like okay well I’m gonna increase your dose. I’m gonna voice my concerns when I go in next and take it from there. I’m sure it will be something to the extent of him taking it as trying to tell him how to do his job.

you are on the right track, let E2 alone on that ratio. . dont take AI (Anastrozol)
try split your injections, twice a week.
When T goes up E2 follows. its all about ratio.
imo and probably your doc´s, you could try increase a little more. above 800 and below 1000 and see how you feel.

The most capable hormone specialists should be able to based on symptomology can direct you TRT protocol without ordering labs. It sounds like your doctor is attempting to make the lab numbers look good instead of paying attention to symptomology or lack thereof.

I found injecting more frequently gave me a higher Total T in relation to e2, this more frequent dosing can prevent excess of either having a better balance of the two. If your doctor can’t work with you, then maybe he’s not the right doctor for you.

Why don’t you just lower your dose back to where you were feeling good and when you do your labs and he sees your numbers are lower just tell him you feel good there and want to stay there. You could also stay where you are and just break it up to daily or eod. If you are going to an office for injections as a requirement then you need to get a new Dr. Simple as That.

If you’ve been at the current dose for over a month it may make the most sense to stay there and drop the AI and see how you feel. If you still feel like shit then go back to 170.