6 Months on Clomid & HCG. Still No Libido

Total T - 912
E2 - 38
Libido - 0

Been on clomid for 6 months 50mg EOD and HCG .5 EOD. 8 weeks ago added Anastrazole 1mg weekly.

Although Dr says my levels are good, I don’t feel any different. Energy, clarity, libido all still absent. I’m considering stopping everything. If I’m going to feel like crap anyway I’ll stop wasting money.

Do you have other lab results? Initial labs? Specifically:

LH (prior to treatment)
FSH (prior to treatment)
Free T3
Free T4
Free testosterone

This is how almost every man feels on clomid, no libido and do not feel anything because clomid is a short term solution at best.

You need TRT if your restart is unsuccessful.

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I started clomid 2 months ago after 11 years on TRT. I relocated and my new endo said lets stop trt and try clomid. First month 25mg daily and had no improvements in symptoms Free T =45.9 total T 175.8. Now on 50mg daily and feel even worse. probably going to head back to injections even though I have shbg and e2 issues and my endo says I’m fine.

I managed to withstand clomid only 10 days and stopped this nasty drug. Made me feel horrible

You will always feel better on TRT than Clomid. Exogenous T always has more ‘feel good’ properties than boosting natural production.

No idea why you’re on an AI. E2 is directly responsible for libido and you’re taking something to lower it then reporting loss of libido. Stop taking the AI.

What are SHBG issues? We don’t care about SHBG. Changes nothing. We will increase the dose regardless until symptoms resolve and daily administration will always outperform any other method.

But if you are on clomid only therapy SHBG becomes issue because it raises and you cannot hit a good free test number.
Mine rose 10 only for 10 days

It’s not an SHBG issue. It’s a protocol issue. Clomid monotherapy is rarely used anymore. You simply can’t get your levels high enough to resolve symptoms. He was doing something that worked and his new doc decided to make him change and do something that doesn’t.

My new endo wont do an AI for my E2. I have really struggled since I relocated and there are not a lot of endos in my area. Northern Colorado. SHBG runs high. Endo asked if I wanted to try clomid and I decided to give it a shot.

Do you plan to have kids? The only reason to use clomid is to remain fertile. But for most people its torture. Initially I thought only I felt like crap from it…

No plans to have kids. I would like to add hcg my testes ache a lot anymore from atrophy

If you have no plans for kids avoid HCG. Get on a proper TRT protocol using as close to daily administration as possible. Optimal free T is 30-60 ng/dL so that will give you a reference point. Increase until your symptoms resolve. Erase the notion of E2 from your head.

Clomid increases SHBG and you had high SHBG previously, clomid was the wrong move. You need to consider a telemedicine clinic/doctor otherwise you will be lead astray by doctors that are clueless and you will always be struggling.

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That’s been most of 11 years on trt. I had one good endo and since he retired I haven’t had a good protocol no matter how much I kick and scream. I am looking into new options as far as clinics/telemedicine docs

@bsbtec where are you located?

Fort Collins Colorado.Its not like when I lived in Ohio and Michigan where there plenty of doctors and clinics.

I know a good doc in Paris, Texas… Closest one to you who I know personally. I’d have to ask around.

So my last values, about 2 months ago, on 50 mg cyp twice a week were Free T = 74.7 Total t= 253 and E2 was 59. My doctor said I should feel fine since everything is "in range"and I told him I feel like crap, and when he wouldn’t change my protocol and I asked why he brought up clomid. I already felt terrible so what did I have to lose. So I figure I’m probably just going to go back to the same 50mg cyp 2x week and look for a new doctor.

You are either not very sensitive to testosterone, or you hyper secrete testosterone, you will need a lot more testosterone than the average guy, probably 250-300mg weekly.

Your levels are at the bottom of the ranges, your current doctor is an idiot. You’re going to need daily dosing or you are going to not do well on TRT, once you bump Total T to the high normal ranges, you’ll have to contend with a lot of estrogen and may need a low dosage AI.

yeah I have noticed I have always needed max doses on transdermals and didn’t get much benefit. I was on 200 mg weekly and had some relief of symptoms. but it only got me to like 90 free and 500 total but e2 was high at 60 but that’s about where I am at now