6 Months Off Testosterone After 10 Years On

Preface: I am now 30 years old and have been on and off of this forum for probably 5 years and I believe it is a great resource for information and insight.

To summarize my story, I was heavily into anabolics from the age of 20-26- then moved on to trying to come off completely and eventually moved on to trt for a few years due to primary hypogonadism (excessive LH and FSH with T levels never breaking into normal range)

Things got to a point where I felt terrible all of the time on or off T and I finally got tired of trying to make it work with all of the tedious trial and error. I figured my body needed to experience itself as it was and take some time to regulate.

So here I am 6 months off of the T and also in a controlled taper of clonazepam aka Klonopin which I will say contributed immensely to feeling like trash day in and day out. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been off of hormones this long, and I will say mentally I feel pretty good however physically the lack of testosterone makes it’s presence known. Recovery is incredibly slow and my sex drive is probably not what most men would say is optimal.

I also have been very regimented on food quality/ fasting, sleep, vitamins, no alcohol, no pornography etc etc which I believe all together helps fill in gaps. I will be getting blood work in the next month to have some objective data of my hormones but I suspect my T levels still reside in the very low ballpark but possibly not as low as they were 6 months ago.

If anyone has any supplement or vitamin/mineral recommendations I would be interested to listen. Thanks in advance!

Clonazepam usage for 30 years is why I am on TRT in the first place, tapered off in 2015 and then began insane fatigue. I tried coming off in my early 20’s and had the same reaction, insane fatigue, went back on and problems vanished.

I went through 10 months of hell and never recovered my testosterone production, testicles shrived up. I hear people say they feel unwell on Clonazepam and have no sex drive, however mine was insane on and have zero off.

Clonazepam affects everyone differently, maybe it’s causing your issues and getting off the the right thing to do.

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Thanks for the input, I agree that getting off is definitely the right move. I had to make the decision myself and design my own taper because my doctor’s only answer was to “keep taking it” which is a joke. Stuff is not good!

SO i’ll be interested in seeing your bloods when you get them.

Aren’t you concerned about low T and cardiac health as you age?

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Health is my greatest concern, that’s why I am going to see what the blood work looks like and assess it from there. I’m overcompensating with being very strict on everything else, but I would imagine the extreme levels of AAS I used were probably more detrimental to my heart than not taking hormones at all, but that’s just my thoughts. Also interested to see how it goes, thanks for your input!

Please post bloods for the group here.

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Sorry to hijack this guys thread here, but I can’t seem to send you any form of DM. Regarding the benzo usage, I have two questions if you don’t mind. Did Klon help with the underlying condition you were being treated with it for, and did TRT help do the same thing without it? I am trying to make TRT work in much the same way (as you’ve replied on before), and have not been able to yet. I’m at the point now where I’m fairly certain me the doc have dicked myself up with TRT and now might require a benzo top cope with the emotional side effects of TRT.

Also, I haven’t been on much here since last year, did Bossa get the banhammer?

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Coming off benzos destroyed my quality of sleep which dropped my testosterone which was perfectly fine, together with being overweight, diabetes was just around the comer. The clonazepam was used to treat tourette syndrome as a young adult, but no longer have any symptoms even without treatment.

The TRT has a calming effect and even treats my ADHD. Not even TRT can spare you from the symptoms of clonazepam withdrawal.

Yes he did.

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Blood work update as of 1/20/22, finally got my results back. Here are some markers of interest or concern after 6 months of no external supplementation beyond basic vitamins. Clearly high levels of brain signaling with not very much action below the waist.
Glucose 100 (65-99) HIGH
Vitamin D 47.9 (30-100) in range, not sure if its ideal to get that higher
TSH 1.64 (0.45-4.50) in range
LH 8.7 (1.7-8.6) HIGH
FSH 24.0 (1.5-12.4) HIGH
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 287ng/dL (348-1190)
TESTOSTERONE FREE 4.9ng/dL (9.6-26.5)

Input is welcome, thank you.

You have testicular failure, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. No amount of lifestyle changes are going to increase your testosterone, it’s TRT or bust.


How are you feeling? ANYYYY libido at all?

I feel like i had more being super low T than when i’m on TRT.

Unfortunately I pretty much agree with that.

After 6 months of being off I’m so used to not being interested that for me what’s normal probably isn’t normal. Part of me thinks it’s the withdraw from meds I’m managing on top of this. But I definitely don’t wake up running after women lol overall I’d say I have a really lethargic mindset like everything is a hassle. I’m like a 3/10 on the quality of life chart.

Ugh. I’m sorry man.

Are you going to try other avenues, other than TRT?

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Thanks man. At this point it seems like everyone agrees that my natural system isn’t happening so if I want a libido or a better quality of life I’ll have to play TRT roulette again. I have a hard time finding a sweet spot so that’s a large reason I haven’t ran back to it. I’m going to get a second opinion just to exhaust my resources but it seems like the blood work has spoken lol

Sex hormone binding globulin: 38.8 (16.5-55.9)

I missed that one.