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6 months off, T, Mag 10


I just started working out after getting side-tracked by a horribly tough semester of school for which I took 6 months off from working out. When school started, I was in my best shape ever. Now I've been working out for less than 2 weeks, and despite intentions of going easy at first, seem to have entered an overtrained state. The reason I think I'm overtrained is that I'm Horribly sore and also have uncharacteristically lackluster erectile performance.

Anyone have a great get-your-strength-back workout I could try? My normal workout routine lacks variety anyway, so I'd appreciate practically anything someone could provide as long as it specifically tells me what to do on each day.

Also, given my apparently suppressed testosterone level, I'm now more curious than ever about anything one can do to optimize it naturally. For example, does being around lots of hot girls, by any chance, ever stimulate T? I'd think that when your body's seeing girls it wants to mate with, perhaps it'd also give you a little more T for encouragement and to increase chances of success. How about just being around a hot girl, sensing her pheromones and stuff, realizing that she's ovulating maybe, shouldn't that kick up gonadal activity a bit? How about having lots of sex with hot girls? Does ejaculation result in a net upping of testosterone?

Lastly, would now be an especially good time to take Mag 10 given that muscle recovery is the biggest challenge when you're coming back? I'm a poor grad student, so I'll only be able to use Mag 10 very infrequently. Would I be better off saving my once-a-year or so Mag 10 for when I've hit a plateau, or should I go for having Mag 10 help me get as many pounds on as possible early while recovery is still the overwhelming limiting factor?


I find the greatest of your problems not to be what supplements to take, but how to train!
No legal supplements are going to save you from innapropriate training...

What I did after a layoff and a nasty breakup (women...). Was this:

first I slammed it into my head that I was out of shape and my body didn?t need as intense training as when I was in shape. In fact it woldn?t even be optimal to train to hard..
I went for a high volume, short rest, fairly low intensity protocol.

Goals: increase work capacity, Increase mass, get used to training hard again, stay far away from overtraining.
I used a basic 4 day split, 2 days on, 1 off. 3-4 sets per exercise. If i couldn't do 10 reps in the first 3 sets it was to heavy--->lower weight. If I could do 4 sets of 12 ---> up weight.
restperiods: 90 sec
rep speed 41x0

The key is to leave your ego at the door = lower the weight. Understand that the best thing you can do for your body is to stay the hell away from failure. It isn?t neccesary with the state your body is in.

good luck with your comeback : )


Hi, 2ms. Take a look at Tribex to increase T levels. Get your diet right; i.e, enough protein (1g/lb of BW), five meals per day or more, evenly spaced. And poor or not, start taking Surge, a post recovery drink during and after your workout. I'd also recommend flaxseed oil @ about 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW and MSM 5-10g per day in divided doses (but not too close to evening because it will cause difficulty sleeping).

And there's a wealth of tried and true training programs here on t-mag. Try something new. That's what life's all 'bout, isn't it? (grin)