6 Months of Travel. Business/Video Ideas Needed

I will be traveling for 6 months an was hoping you all could give me some interesting/niche ideas for a video vlog. No activities or destinations are off limits. Money is not an issue in that I can afford to travel and stay anywhere.

Reason for doing this is I make good money but, absolutely hate my job. So, I am looking for a way to make money off of youtube videos. If successful I will travel longer but, I have 6 months available before I make the decision to return to my job or not.


You need a theme or niche. General travel has been done to death. How many people watch VLOGs?

By niche I’m talking something with a die hard cult following. You could visist record stores in 50 countries looking for rare records (off the top of my head). There’s enough meat in a subject like that to never run out of material.

What are your interests?

That is what I was thinking, gen. travel, food has been done.

Interests? In terms of this nothing really. I am open to anything.

If you want to travel the world you need to identify an audience that would actually watch you.

Is there a huge backpacking/hostel crowd?

Maybe you could try and live on $100/week in 50 different countries. Blog that experience.

You could “walk around the world”. Several people have done this, it takes a few years. Boats/planes are involved at certain points obviously.

Go around visiting iconic gyms. Train with the owners.

Go fishing.

Visit car shows.

Test out famous breweries.

Or a mix of all these things. Have a ‘blokes’ holiday.

I’m actually extremely jealous you get to do this @xXSeraphimXx. How about you come to Australia 1St and pick me up! Haha

Yeah, I can call it broing across the globe or douching around the world.:grinning:

The budget travel looks interesting. I have seen it done but, it is usually in places where people already want to budget travel i.e Thailand.

Have also considered doing the worlds most dangerous and/or adventurous treks.

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If I was going to do something of contemporary interest it would be touring micro-breweries and getting the cool back story on how that particular one came about.

People like to get that inside skinny. Grow a beard, wear some flannel, maybe carry a sword. Use words like robust and hearty, and make your way from place to place on a steampunk recumbent bike (for the camera).


You will be beheaded in no time if you go to the world’s MOST dangerous places.

How about Venezuela. Start slow lol.

I meant treks as in trail/hiking expeditions i.e el caminito del rey. Would also still be physical in nature.

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Start in wrestling practice with some club team of US, mid-west kids. Then wrestling practice at Penn State. From there, go to Senegal, Mongolia, Japan and try out their special wrestling styles.

I watch one show, “Hamilton’s Pharmacopia” where this skinny chemist dude travels around taking drugs. It’s pretty cool.

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To piggy back on @FlatsFarmer I would watch a show where a guy learns TKD in Okinawa and then Savate in France, go to the Gracie Jou Jitsu etc…

Enter comps get your ass kicked. It would be a good show.

I have a Martin Rooney book where he goes to Russia for sambo and Thailand for muay-thai, etc. Just the pictures of the different gyms are cool.

Hate to be the one to break this to you, but it’s been done to death, even on TV - Human Weapon and Fight Quest shows come to mind. Both shows were cancelled due to abysmally low ratings.

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Just do this. I’ll fucking pay to watch it.

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One of my brothers did that when he was in the Navy, but that was way before youtube.

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You could involve porn in different areas of the world. Joking / not joking.

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