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6 Months Later

ok so about 6 months ago i became serious about losing weight and lifting. i had never dieted before and i wanted to get down to a good healthy weight. when i hit 210 i knew that was enough. i started running and stuff and that helped a little. its now 6 months from when i started and im down to 165 and i want peoples opinion and advice on what to do next. i have lost all the weight i want and now im considering bulking up.

age: 16 almost 17
weight: 165
height: 5’8

my workout:

mondays: shoulders and biceps
tuesdays: chest and triceps
wednesday: back and legs
thursday: shoulders and biceps
friday: chest and triceps
Saturday: back and legs
sunday: off

my diet:

morning: (depending on the day and my mood) either 3 eggs and some turkey
or a bowl of cereal
snack: pb and j sammich
lunch: pb and j sammich, turkey, and ham
snack: turkey, ham and cheese sammich
dinner: some kind of meat and vegetable

before: im the one on the left


side shot:


Congrats on slimming down.

If I were you and wanted to put on some muscle, than I would definitely ditch your current split routine and focus on compound lifts. In my eyes you look like a total beginner, so I would keep it simple and -heavy-:

Squat 3x8
Deadlift 3x8
Incl. Db Press 3x8
Chin Ups 3x8 (upon failure focus on the negative)
Hanging Knee Raise 3x8

This, or a similar type of training 3 times a week should definitely suffice.

you should definitly look into improving your diet a little bit, more healthy fats (nuts would be a good example, or fish oil), more protein.

Take good look at Bulking guide in this forum, as well as a few of the other beginner threads, they will give you a knowledge base to start from

No offense man, but didn’t you start an identical thread like this earlier? Could have just bumped that one as a reference point.

I also thought you were considering a few chances to your routine as well? You hit all your groups but without good proportion …

i understand not wanting to be overweight; but your really skinny/little now.

i’d hold at that weight for 6-8wks to let your body reset itself; b/c if you try to bulk up without waiting…your going to yo-yo and not end where you want. if that makes sense.

your workout isn’t good. there are all sorts of ‘plans’ out there…but one thing you are missing is REST. 24hr off a week is not enough. hit the gym 3 or 4 days a week, do a split or some total body stuff, and get rest.

your diet sucks. (just being honest; not trying to be a dick)
basically you want to have protien with every meal, and some sort of fruit or veggies with every meal.

cut the carbs out later in the day if you don’t want to balloon back up to 210.

cardio after your workout might help keep fat gain down.

have a plan before you get to the gym, and TRAIN HARD!

lastly, 1) have perfect form and 2) welcome.

what are your maxes?

your split sucks do:

a 5x5 variation, a 3 day split, push/pull, or an upper/lower split

Good work dropping the weight but at 16 nows the time to grow. I agree with B rock, sit at this weight for a few weeks until your body adjusts to your current weight then lift heavy and eat lots. Good luck.

You spend too much time in the gym. For you to gain muscle, work out 3 to 4 days a week for 30 to 40 min max. EAT

ok another quick question. should i be consuming vast amounts of protein and food even on my days off from the gym?

i would consume a little less than workout days since you arent going to be burning off all the extra cals. but yeah just 1 days rest is a bit harsh for your body dont be afraid to rest.

I’m not even going to do you the honour of helping you out here as per your request.

The reason?

There are ample ‘stickies’ and threads/articles created for people in your position and you have just came across like you can’t be assed to read them.

If you don’t put the effort into reading the articles/stickies, what makes me think you’re gonna put the effort into your diet/workouts.


  • READ all the stickies in the Beginners section

After which, any question you ask on this forum should be of a knowledgeable nature and your foundation already nailed.

alright im 16 as i said before and school just started and i dont want to lose all i have worked for so what am i guna do about school lunches.
i know im guna pack something, but i dont know what.
i has to be something that wont get ruined sitting in my locker or my car on a hot day.

im also going out for rowing this year. will that benifit me? i have always had a hard time working out my back so i think it might be good for me.

Training: Big Boy Basics

Diet: T-Dawg 2.0