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6 Months into Lifting But Have a Doubt

so first of all im 6’2 154. i started as 154 6 months ago and ive been upping cals until now eating 2900. the thing is, even thought im the same weight i feel like more fatter and more fluffy which is making me quit. i dont feel like i can see more abs (even thought i didnt had much) and my muscle feels more flat while belly sticking out more. am i actually suffering from some sort of body dysmorphia or is there really a difference? this things are the things that makes me want to just quit because all i see is fat. some people even tells me i look fuller but im the same weight and i actually feel fuller. others says i look almost the same.

i was doing greyskull for 4 1/2 months, now im in 5/3/1 beginner high volume but reduced the weight by a lot from grey like the program says.

this was 4 months ago.

this is me now almost two months into 5/3/1 beg.

im not denying that i need to gain weight because i know i do, but mostly if all fat?

btw i can only hit the gym 3 days a week so mostly doing full body.

I genuinely think you should.


Did you come here so that people would tell you how much better you look? Either put in the work or don’t, it only really affects you…

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Dude, just give it time. This takes hard work. Also, eat more. A lot more. Double your calories. Slam fast foods and shakes. Eat meat with every meal. Just do something to become larger than you are now. Because guess what? You have no base to build from. So even if some of what you gain IS fat, I can guarantee that you that you will look and perform better regardless.

thanks for saying i look better :wink: i dont feel like it tho

the thing is, i weight the same and feel more fatter even weighting the same so that means im in a surplus

Pics look exactly the same


This is not how math works.

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There is zero change between photos. Set a timer for every 2 hours and eat as much as you can. Seriously you’re dangerously skinny

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thanks guys! going to keep adding cals

That is a placebo effect. You’re telling yourself you feel fatter, so you do. Just eat and lift weights. If you want to be cut, you need to have a base to build from. Have you ever seen Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene in their offseason? They lift and eat, so they can diet down and shed fat for their shows. But, if you never eat and get stronger, you never build the base to look better.

Lifting burns calories and added muscle burns calories. Your increased intake is offset by your increased activity. To gain mass, you have to eat even more than you’re currently doing, especially if you’re a teenager or in your early to mid 20s.

Your biceps and forearms look a little more defined and vascular. Keep at it, building muscle takes time and consistency. Six months isn’t a lot of time to lift.

This nugget of gold was shared elsewhere. Take it to heart.