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6 Months Doing Stuff, Few Questions.


Hi, im doing the Bill somethings 5x5, FBW four to three times a week.

My workout consists of

Squat 5x5
Bench press 5x5
Dead lift 5x5
Bent over row 5x5

(ramp the weights up on all of them)

Takes about 35 minutes, But it just seems to little, so i was thinking of doing 10x5

so for example my max 5 rep is 100kg for example

1st set 60kg
2nd set 70kg
3rd set 80kg
4th set 90kg
5th set 100kg
6th set 100kg
7th set 100kg
8th set 100kg
9th set 100kg
10th set 100kg

Would that be good? my main goal is strength, a little muscle is good also :smiley:

secondly, What about calories? now i can get 4500 a day, but having trouble balancing the Protein/carb/fat ratio, can i just wolf healthy things down without trying to keep that much of a balance? or is keeping a balance of food essential for good progress?

3rd, i have been told only to dead lift once a week, why is this? too much for the back?

Thanks alot people.


The Bill Starr program is a strength program. What you are suggesting will not help. Keep putting up the weight each week. It will get harder but don't increase the volume. If you have sone time and energy left do some cardio. Deadlifts take longer to recover from and they will have a negative impact on your squats if you do them too much. I don't see any overhead lifts here. Are you doing the military press on Weds?

If you plan your meals it will be easier to keep a balance. I don't know how important it is as long as your basic diet is good. The Zone Diet is adamant about every meal being the same ratio of macronutrients. I think that's extreme. As long as you get protein with each meal you will probably be all right. Try to get your carbs earlier in the day and taper off as the day goes on.


Don't fuck with the recipe.

Everyone (especially beginners) always think they know more than the coach who wrote the program.

Tell you what, you do that '10x5' thing of your own, and let's see how far you get.

If you want actually progress, just do the program the way Bill Starr says to do it. I can guarantee he knows a heck of a lot more about lifting weights than you do.

So just stick to it as it's written.


Ahh right, i see now, i need to order more weights then, im progressing, so what im doing is working, but then if im a beginner, im sure most things work. Ill can do the more eating, ill have to eat some pasta early in the morning.



Uh. I would just like to point out that if your true 5 rep max is 100kg, then you would not make all the reps of your 5th set. Even if 100kg is "sorta" your 5 rep max (this is the best you've done on your last set of your current program) you'll not get your 6th set.

If you are able to make the reps on the additional sets, then 100kg was not your 5 rep max.

Don't fuck with the program.