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6 Month TRT Bloodwork Results

Hey guys,

Lifting 4 Years
Medications: Proviron,Adex,Finasteride, Test Prop, HCG.

I have been on TRT at 50mg sub-Q four times a week for 6 months. Loving life a lot more! To my eye my bloodwork looks good. Wanted to double check here. I take 1mg adex and 25mg prov ED and inject test prop 4 times a week sub-q. I also take HCG at 250 ui twice a week.

Blood Results:

Red Cell Count: 5.20 (4.5 -5.9)
Haemoglobin 16.4 (12.5 - 17.3) g/dl
Haematocrit 0.47 (0.40 - 0.50) L/L


S-Chol 3.5 < 5.0 mmol/L
S-LDL 2.0 <3.0 mmol/L
S-HDL 1.2 > 1.0 mmol/L
S-Non-HDL 2.30 <3.9 mmol/L
Chol:HDL Ratio 2.9 <4.0

S-Gamma GT 19 <55 IU/L
S-ALT 28 <50 IU/L
S-AST 36 <50 IU/L


Total Test 52 (9.90-27.8) nmol/L
SHBG 47.9 (15.6-48.4) nmol/L
Free Test 1133 (174 - 729) pmol/L

S-TSH 1.18 (0.38 - 5.33) mIU/L
FSH 0.2 (1 - 19.0)
17B OESTRADIOL (e2) 101 (75 - 175) pmol/L

Quick questions:
Is my e2 fine?
FSH is < because of exogenous TRT and HCG?
Is my TSH fine?



Thank you. Also, what could be causing such high SHBG? I did a quick search and it appears blocking the alpha 5 aromatase enzyme could be the culprit, which would be the finasteride.

That’s not easily determined. Genetics for some, liver function, hyperthyroid, low DHEA, low magnesium, low zinc, higher E2. Does not look like any apply to you.


In a similar boat as you, sounds like you figured it out though and are back to 100%? The Fin may have caused the SHBG to rise and it also may not go down after you quit. You never know and honestly if you’re feeling great on your protocol that’s a huge win.

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Total and Free Test are high (which is not necessarily bad in and of itself), but your hematocrit is getting up there too. You may want to consider backing off just a tad on the test.

I think you are right. Will get follow up bloodwork done. Currently on a 4 week blast, aiming to drop sub 10% bodyfat. I am on 30mg of winny and have upped the T to 250mg per week. I started this 5 days ago.