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6 Month Transformation Calisthenics



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Also is my upperbody workout good

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Wow your 8% bodyfat…

You looked ripped 678…

No you are @ripped678


I’m back and I’m 5lbs bigger now @ the same bodyfat

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@Chris_Colucci what’s the word again on double accounts?

Are you getting paid to be a snitch on people?

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The word is pity.

We pity people whose offline lives are so empty and lonely that they need to spend time online trolling for attention and begging for a pat on the back from strangers.


I legit feel bad this guy spent 6 months to gain 5lbs.

Imagine what he coulda done if he ran Super Squats, or 5/3/1 Building the Monolith or BBB, or Deep Water, or any of the many effective programs on this very website.

Youth is wasted on the young.


Ah man, I really believed this guy could have truely changed and had actually turned it around. Also how much is @Voxel getting paid to snitch? Because I’m sure you would have never spotted this :thinking:

@Chris_Colucci, @Voxel seems to have a strange amount of backend authority on this site. Definitely not complaining about it- just wondering if that’s intentional. If not, I guess we’re lucky that the power is in good hands

As far as I know I don’t have more authority to wield than anyone else on here. Not sure how I can have given that impression having the same abilities as everyone else, but I’ll let this comment stroke my ego. A lot.


Why do you assume it’s limited to this site? He just told me the interest rate on my house will be adjusted up, and that I am no longer needed at my job.


I don’t really exist. I’m just an AI that hangs about here and there.


I just assumed “backend authority” meant having large glutes.

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I’m genuinely interested why you think that. It’s not true by any means, just curious.

I was literally told a few weeks ago in my training log that my glutes were lagging, so maybe the universe is sorting itself out.

You have abilities as an aromatase inhibitor as well? Man!!

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Apparently he could edit other users posts and some other admin like functions

Just so you know I was only messing.

Im adding that so you don’t suspend my account.

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That’s a forum hiccup that affects about a dozen members. When the issue’s been addressed before, it was pointed out that it’s not something they should be doing.

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Ah, I was not aware of this