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6 Month Progression Photo

month 6

You’re not going to get a good rating with those pics. You can hardly see any of your body and in the second picture you’re wearing a shirt and it looks like you’re sucking your gut in big time. With that said, judging by the crappy photos you lost a chunk of weight. Now you need to gain some muscle.

It takes a lot to post up something like this…so points to you for doing it. But we’ve all been to the pool and seen “un-fit” guys with their shirts off. Ditch the wife beater and show off the fat loss. Skin tightens over time…remember that. Great job though on the change, it’s noticeable, even with an a-shirt.

Ya work on building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Grab a sauna belt and couole hoodies. After a kick ass workout do some cardio!

Preparation H, ,saran wrap, and sauna belt will burn more fat if you go that way. You can research it on googke.