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6 Month Lab Results, Before/After

Morning Folks! Wanted to throw up these before/after 6 month numbers. Appointment to review with my urologist is next week, so any input or ideas is very welcomed. Doc has me at 150mg/week, I split it to 100mg every 5 days. Was having a bit of mood swing crashes every 7 days, feel great at 5.

40 y/o 6ft- 205lbs

BP 136/81
RBC 4.91 (4.5-5.5)
HGB 14.9 (13.8-17.2)
HCT 44.7% (40-52)
BUN 27 (7-25)
ALT 23 (16-63)
AST 24 (15-37)
Globulin 2.7 (2.1-4.2)
Cholesterol 173 (<200)
Triglycerides 77 (<150)
HDL 58 (40-60)
LDL 98 (0-100)
non-HDL Chol 115 (0-130)
Chol/HDL ratio 3.0 (0-7.5)
SHBG 39 (10-57)
T Total 296
T free 37 (30-150)
Estradiol 12 (7-49)

6ft- 209lbs (all lifts are up quite a bit)
TRT 6 months

BP 137/82
RBC 5.26 (4.5-5.5)
HGB 16.3 (13.8-17.2)
HCT 47.5% (40-52)
BUN 26 (7-25)
ALT 63 (16-63)
AST 64 (15-37)
Globulin 2.8 (2.1-4.2)
Cholesterol 197 (<200)
Triglycerides 42 (<150)
HDL 55 (40-60)
LDL 133 (0-100)
non-HDL Chol 142 (0-130)
Chol/HDL ratio 3.6 (0-7.5)
SHBG 39 (10-57)
T Total 1285
T free 305 (30-150)
Estradiol 50.15 (7-49)

Quick notes and questions:
Red blood count small increase 4.91 -> 5.26
estradiol big jump along with free and total T big jumps (most likely too high?)
LDL a tad high, start supplementing with red yeast rice?

Diet, cardio and training have been on point. What can I do to lower the LDL a bit? (read about red yeast rice supplementation)

I am a little interested in the big jump in ALT and AST as well. They were pretty low 6 months ago unless they werent tested correctly.

Any other thoughts and concerns are much appreciated. Overall I feel great, much better when switching from every 7 days to 4-5 days depending on travel schedule. If there are any other measureables not listed, let me know and I’ll grab them. i kinda feel like the dose is a little high, like a mini-cycle. I’m fine with it as long as there are no health concerns above that need to be addressed.

My ALT/AST went up a bit on TRT. About to the same levels that you are at. Those numbers arent bad. Are you supplementing with Oral preg or dhea along with your TRT?

No sir, not supplementing with anything other than a greens formula drink. Looking at adding in Red Yeast Rice and CoQ10 daily to help the LDL a tad.

Relative to your injection, when were these labs drawn?

Heavy workout the day before?

Labs were drawn on day 4 after last shot (Test Cypionate). Heavy workout day before (3 day rotation of pull/push/legs/off/repeat).

Could explain elevated LFTs.

The urologist will probably want to reduce your dose then.