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6 Month HGH + Test Cycle

I ran some basic cycles over a five year period and have been “natural” for the last eight years due to various reasons.
I am now looking to run around 40 iu hgh per week along with 500mg test this would be dropped to 250mg at end of 6 month cycle and cruise with this indefinitely.

Tempted to run the hgh at 10iu 4 times a week post workout either SQ or IM, thoughts please?
Alternatively run hgh at 5 iu per day in the morning probably SQ.
Work commitments mean I can only inject in the morning whether that is post work out or every day.

Open to any suggestions and advice.

If your gonna run 10ius a day break it up into 2 Injections.

Or just 5ius every morning.

Ok thanks for that think I am going to do 5 iu each morning SQ, can’t find enough out about E o d or post workout to be sure.

Lots of different ways people use it. Some say Subq is fine while some
People say IM is better. Same thing with dosing, morning or post workout works

I’ve read EOD dosing mimics a more natural release for males.

use intramuscular. its a faster release and higher peak.