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6 Month HGH Cycle - When to Add Insulin?


hey, I have HGH that will suffice for a six month cycle. Thinking about adding insulin at some point (if insulin resistance is healthy). Any particular time during cycle more beneficial for that, early or later ?

And and no thank you in advance for "OMG Slin will kill you" comments.
sincerely: a non retarded person :slightly_smiling:




How much H are you doing for a cycle? How are you doing it? What are your goals? Sorry cant help with the slin thing but Im interested in how to run a H cycle


2 iu eod, subq in the morning. Goal is to recover from injuries - nothing more.


Thats not much... I've been running 5iu per day sq in the morning since my shoulder surgery.. Im 1 month and some change off surgery.. I'd say my healing is doing well but its no miracle.. Basically healing like a 20yr old and the H keeps the fat off


i know its not much but i dont have anything torn, i have DDD. What brand of hgh are you using?


Nipertropin 192s grey tops.. been using them for about 9 mo


Wait if your goal is to just recover then why take slin?


@brew, you cant compare Norditropin to UGL, GH is 191 amino, and it may not even be what it claims to be at all...

@opetha, i am looking for synergistic effect. My injuries have impacted my bodyweight and i would like to get back into the game, so it "doesnt harm" to add it...


bump, come on no one here runs insulin with hgh ?

I charted the peak of intramuscular injection with 2ius (semi fasting), BG measurements with 5 mins apart for over an hour.
Carbohydrate/creatine/glutamine/bcaa will be spot on time

running dextrose/glucose/maltodextrin and whey, gainer, creatine, glutamine, glucosamine bcaa as suppliments