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6 Month Challenge Advice


I just challenged a friend of mine to a 6 month fitness challenge. The challenge incorporates 3 things:

A bodyfat % test.
A strength test.
A bike race.

I suck at cardio thanks to 5 years of smoking and a general hatred for cardio. However, I am stronger and more lean (although not by much) than him. I was just wondering what the right plan should be over the next 6 months. Here's what I was thinking:

4 months of muscle gain and strength building and a 2 month conditioning phase where I focus on losing as much body fat as possible while training for the bike race.



for mr conditioning comes a LOT faster and easier then strength so your plan should be good dependent on how much better he is then you at the bike stuff. if hes a LOT better try and yet your a LOT stronger then focus on staying as strong as you are and get crazy levels of conditioning