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6 Month Blood Results - I Haven't a Clue What's Happening to Me

Hi all, I’ll get straight to it. I’ve been throwing weights about since my teenage years, never used anything until 2017. I’m now 37 and for the last 3 years 2017/18/19 over summer I’ve run a 4 week cycle of epistane, followed by a nolva pct. All good and never had any issues at all, until last year. I decided to run the epistane with what was basically a prohormone version of trenbolone. Post pct the problems started, I had all the symptoms of low/no test and bloods confirmed that.

Two weeks after pct in Sept 2019 my total test was 7.89nmol/L (8.64 - 29)

I ran pct again and tested at the end of Oct, my total test was 12.8nmol/L (8.64 - 29)

I left it from there and pushed through, trying to keep training and hoped things would naturally get better as time went on.

Well they didn’t really improve. The following image shows blood work from this year in January, February and August.

January’s bloods showed a very high level of prolactin, so I took vitamins/natural supps to try and reduce that as I thought that could be surpressing my test.

Februarys results showed that my prolactin levels were coming down so again I left my body to see how it would naturally respond.

Fast forward 6 months to August and it’s not responded very well. My test is still very low and I’ve no idea what’s going on with my estrogen level.

For the past month I’ve had very sensitive nipples with a mass developed in my left and a pea sized lump under the right. That does seem to have subsided for now but the mass/lumps remain.

I’ve still got all the usual symptoms of low test, some erection issues, no motivation, tired, can’t think/function properly etc etc

I’m honestly at a loss as to where I should go from here so hoping you guys will provide some much needed advice.

Thank you in advance.

You need cabergoline to get your prolactin down.

You should run another PCT, this time with HCG and 40mg Nolva + clomid

Start low with the caber, too much will make you sick really quickly. It seems like your body is lowering your prolactin on its own, but you need to speed up that process.

Your gyno seems to be prolactin induced, so you need to get that down.

I agree with galgenstrick. Your FSH and LH look good so it looks like primary failure. That means you should start out with just hCG for a month and then after that run a Nolva PCT.

Your estrogen looks alright.

What was the „prohormone“ you ran?

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@galgenstrick @lordgains thank you for your replies and advice it is greatly appreciated.

I’m now 15 days into PCT, I’ve been on 50mg clomid & 20mg nolva per day, here are the bloods from today.

I’m feeling better at the minute, the gyno issues have drastically improved and I’m feeling much more emotionally stable.

Moving forward I’ve dropped the clomid and I’m going to continue with 20mg of nolva per day for 2 weeks then taper off over two weeks dropping to 10mg. I’ll retest after I’m done and then retest again a month later.

Any comments or advice is welcomed thanks guys, fingers crossed.


That’s looking very good! You did it exactly how it should be done with your post and update. Props to you and good luck.

I think what you laid out is good. I’d keep the Nolva only and run it 20 mg for 4 weeks straight if you don’t have problems. Just to be safe. That could get your T up more. Because when you drop everything your LH and FSH WILL drop which means T will drop to number X. If you get it higher now, it may land at number X+Y.

Remember it is still your testicles that pump test in the mid range while stimulated above the physiological range with LH and FSH.

Looking forward to the update.

Thanks @lordgains, I’m hopeful that things will continue to improve.

Thank you for the advice, it makes sense so I’ll run nolva @20mg a day for the next 4 weeks.

To answer your earlier question the prohormone I ran was Trenavar estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione, I stacked it with my usual yearly cycle of epistane/havoc.

Thanks again

OK I’ve finished with pct, here’s bloods taken 5 days after the last dose of Nolva, couldn’t get them done sooner.

I’ve got another testing kit on hand ready to test again in a month. I’m hopeful at the moment but still keeping everything crossed.

What is the “testing kit” you are using if you don’t mind me asking?

@s.gentz it’s from a company called Medichecks

Not sure if links are allowed so admin please remove if not: https://medichecks.com/products/male-hormone-check-blood-test

I see your in the UK. I think we have a simalar service in the states. Have you compared the results with labs taken at a diagnostic service where they utilize more blood?

That’s too soon. As you can see your pituitary is still pumping out LH in large quantities because the Nolva is still in your body. Do your next reading in 6 weeks.

Your T looks good but it should be higher in my opinion. Let’s see where you end up. If youre feeling good and got good levels, then it was a success.
Good luck

@lordgains yes I’m testing again in a month to see where I’ve ended up. The above test was just to monitor levels. Ideally I’d have liked to have done the test on the final day of pct but nevermind.

I’m very curious to see where I end up. At the moment I feel perfectly normal, I’m just hoping I stay that way. Time will tell

I’ve not tried any other type of test, I’ve always used finger prick type tests. Not sure how accurate they are but I’m happy with them.

So here we have it, 5 weeks after my last dose of nolva here’s the final blood work and it’s not so good in regards to the test level.

It’s not all bad though, I’ve sorted my prolactin and gyno issue and I do feel a little more emotionally balanced, so I’m taking away a few positives from this.

I’m not sure where to go from here. Is there any hope that I’ll produce a decent amount of testosterone naturally again or is TRT the only hope for me?

Cheers for your input guys