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6 Month, 50lb Improvement

Don’t think i can be rated im pretty dyel still, but this photo from 6 months ago and from a few weeks ago might interest some people. I went from no muscle mass 105lbs to 155lbs @ 5’8

Sorry for the pic, the point was to just do a before picture because i’m starting to train my neck now. want to compare it now to a few months from now.

good enough though for you to see the difference between then and now.

i use that belt for chinups, just put it through some weights.

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Solid gainzzz

What are you doing for neck training?

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I’ll just be progressively overloading my neck like every other muscle when i started, the traps are part of the neck so i’m doing cheat shrugs 2x a week 5x5 with the weight i deadlift + 2.5 every week, 3x8 3 times a week curls and extensions with a harness. adding 2.5lbs for that too, i’ll probably reduce the weight progression though. idk how fast the neck will grow. I might end up just doing more reps, i’ll see, never done it before.

Starting at 15.5 inches for my neck, really thin on the sides. kind of thick from the front. hoping to get about 18inches within like 6 months?

great work so far, but I have to ask. Why in the world would would you WANT a huge neck? It’s not a good look, and it’s going to make shopping for dress shirts hell.


I think it’s important to look swole and masculine.

In one frame he looks like a crackhead in the other he looks masculine and more mature

at a certain point it looks really bad, but i’m obviously not on PEDS i don’t think mine can get that huge.

if my neck in my picture didn’t look decent, i’m convinced i’d look totally dyel.Mines decent form the front but from the side thin.

I commented because 18", your 6 month goal, is stupidly big.

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Do you think it’s that stupid? It’s grown at least 2 inches without any direct work at all, not even direct work on my traps until very recently. I don’t think it would be very hard to achieve. traps alone from deadlifts added that, weak ass deadlifts too.

I hear that the neck is really responsive to training, do you disagree?

2.5 inches in 6 months

I don’t know how I can make it more clear that I disagree. Your goals are your own though.

What are your neck measurements now? 18 inches on your frame will look pretty absurd, but to each his own.

LOL maybe, i’ll probably be 20lbs more in 6 more months. Gotta realize how much of neck thickness comes from front to back and not just the side to side perspective that you see. if i put 2 inches side to side i think i’d be an iguana.

15.5 flexed. I measure where my traps meet my neck.

How do you flex your neck? Lol Isn’t that like saying flex your torso?

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First off, don’t do this.

Second, 18" at 175 is still absurd. Good luck though

Neck Goals

I think we all understand the concept of a circumference. But thanks for explaining that.


Here’s the thing. How long do you think it takes most people to go from 15.5" arms to 18" arms, and how many pounds of bodyweight difference goes into that? For most people, the answer is ‘a lifetime’, and ‘50+ lbs of bodyweight’. Making that sort of jump in inches is ENORMOUS. You also have to account for the fact that the AREA of muscle fiber continues to increase on a curve, rather than linearly, the larger the muscle gets. So each additional inch of circumference is exponentially more muscle fiber. meaning, the jump from 17" to 18" is much larger than the jump from 16 to 17. Because math. Apparently the concept of circumference is familiar to you, but not area.

If you have to contort into a weird pose to see a muscle’s development, nobody’s going to see it the other 23 hours, 59 minutes, 50 seconds of the day.

x2. Overfocusing on gaining 20 pounds of bodyweight will lead into a rough spot considering where you are now.

What I’ve pieced together from your multiple recent threads is that you’re benching 130x5, squatting 175x5, rowing 162.5x5, deadlifting 200x11, and (as of 3 months ago) overhead pressing 80x5.

You don’t need SARMs or direct neck work to build a bigger neck. You need time and overall progress.


5/5/17 - 151 lbs
Deadlift 1x5 185
Bench 3x5 112.5
Overhead press 3x5 70lbs
Squat 3x5 100lbs
Strict row 3x5 105lbs
Chinups body weight 1x4 1x2 1x2

9/7/17 - bodyweight 155
Deadlift 1x7 210lbs
Bench 3x5 132.5lbs
Overhead press 3x5 95lbs
Squat 3x5 ATG pause knees forward whole time 160lbs (dropped weight from 175, i didn’t like how my form was)
Strict row: 165, haven’t increased it. lowerback fatigued from deads and squats
chin-ups: 3x6 20lbs

I’m not sure how i view this progress. I’m surprised to see i’m a similar weight to what i was a few months ago. It’s now about 7 months since i started, i gained a lot of weight in my first few months and then stopped. It doesn’t look like 30lbs of fat either lol, that’s something i can’t really comprehend.

ok looking at my weights the first few months i was gaining at least 9lbs a month. at 4-5 months i stopped gaining so much weight. I feel that i’ve been recomping or something since. time to start eating more than before… i don’t see how i need more than 3000 calories at this level though.

My numbers went up decently, but my bench has been shit. i need to figure that out. I think i was fucking around with my calories too much and worrying about fat.

Maybe ill bench and overhead press on the same days, ill just focus on 3x5 for the first lift, and then ill the other push variation with a high rep range involved.

So, essentially 5/3/1 like four guys suggested in your other thread. Good. Do any “basic” 5/3/1 plan for 12 weeks and then move into the Beach Body program (which focuses on everything you’ve talked about wanting to build) for 6 weeks.

I suggest keeping a log too, to keep you from getting distracted and shifting gears along the way.

[ha, I went a little link-happy there. Insert all the links :allthethings:]


Hi, I didn’t consider 5/3/1 because i feel that i can do something better and maintain LP. If i switch to 5/3/1 i think ill be making slower strength gains since my bench is the only thing that really sucks. In a few weeks ill make a post about how simply adding 1 to 2 more bench sessions affects my strength.

In a few months i plan on making the switch to something like 5/3/1 or jugg method 2.0. i have both of them.

I have a log irl, i write down my lifts every time from when i was benching the bar till today. havent missed a week :slight_smile:


Disagree. But you train however you feel is appropriate. We’re just offering input.