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6 meals a day keeps the fat away...

I’ve tried low carb diets (they make me feel like ripping someone’s head off) and the warrior diet gave me headaches. So, I have gone to a modified warrior diet (well, kinda anyway) I eat six times a day, meals 1-4 all have 200 cals, sometimes less. Meal 4 is usually at 5 pm, then I workout at 7:30, and am back at my place and eating a pretty hefty dinner at 9pm, followed by a bed time snack (usually protein shake)at 11. So far: 3 lbs. off in a week. Anyone have experience with this way of eating, please share your comments/suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Try to make your morning meal larger and your evening meal or “dinner” smaller. I’ve found, and this is in my case but it may work for you, that not eating two to three hours before bed helps keep me cut up and I’ve been able to fall asleep better since adopting this practice. As protein is more difficult for the digestive system to break down, I find that it will keep me awake longer, even when I’m tired. By not eating protein before bed, I am able to get my muscle rest easier. Lata.

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Monkeyboy: wow, really? I have trouble falling asleep if I don’t eat before bed! Unless I have something, I toss and turn like a mo-fo. During the day I eat small amounts to kind of stoke the woodstove, so that my later meals get burned up quickly. Thanks for getting back on this so quick! Anyone else have something to share?

For the first couple nights my stomach related the “WTF?” grumble, but afterwords I got used to it and have been doing it for several months now.

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There are few dietary rules that work for everyone, all the time. There is a system known as metabolic typing in which one type feels better eating before bed, and eating a diet lower in carbs and higher in protein/fat. I feel better eating this type of diet and eating relatively soon before bed. Do you also do better on a lower carb diet?

Lately I’ve really lowered my consumption of complex carbs and have relied more upon veggies and fruits in my “protein + carbs” meals (For protein + fat I use natural cashew butter or cashews which have a high mono/poly count) I feel better not doing as much complex carbs and find that if I do carbs preceeding a workout I lose energy and intensity. Well, it has been written that man became unhealthy around the same time as the innovation of bread.

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Aaron, this is interesting. However, to give you more insight can you please give us the specifics of what your 200 cal day meals and especially your main evening meal consist of. As well please list your weight and body fat%(guess if you are not sure). This will help us better understand and analyze your situation. Thanks.

Here are the vitals:
I’m 6’2" and weigh 235 pounds. If I were a bettin’ man, I’d say my body fat hovers in the 14-15% range. I’d say in order for me to get it down to about ten percent I need to weigh about 15 pounds or more. As far as my eating: meal 1: scoop designer whey, cup non fat milk, meat 2: cup oatmeal made with water
Meal 3: 1/2 cup of TC’s chanko with 3oz. tuna
Meal 4: same as 3 or another protein shake
all the above meals come to about 200 cals, some less, some more. Meal 4 eaten at 5pm.
meal 5: (post workout) 2 chicken breasts, 2 cups rice and corn (or a big ass baked potato) and really big ceasar salad.
Meal 6: an mrp or my own protein shake recipe.
Granted, it isn’t a strict diet like warrior, but me taking in small amounts over the course of the day is proving to be really good for me, as I’m contiuing to lose fat while increasing my strength.

I meant to say 15 pounds less…in refering to what it would take me to reach 10% bf…

I’m really watching my carbs now and I cannot seem to find a good carb listing. i.e. It’s easy to find the GI index website but I’m looking for the amount of carbs in things like Bananas, Jack Daniels and Budlight. Yes I know that the JD and BL don’t help anything but there are a lot of graduation partys going on now and I’m just curious if 1-2 drinks will throw everything out of whack. One more thing, even when limiting carbs to less than 40 a day, do I still need to eat my 6 meals?