6 ft, 165 lbs. First Cycle Advice?

Yes I can

One of those and a power tower with a dip belt will allow you to train hard enough over your whole body to grow, and will take up a VERY small footprint in your lifting situation. You can do trap bar lifts, weighted dips and weighted chins. There’s also avenues to row and press with that trap bar, and I’ve even known people to squat with one. If you get some resistance bands, you can use them for a variety of movements as well.

Thanks, I will add that to my repertoire.

You don’t like weighted vests for dips and pulls ups?

What do you imagine to be the benefit of a dipping belt compared to a weighted vest?

The amount of weight you can add is higher. And the center of gravity is directly underneath. Versus spread out over the torso. Perhaps.

But a vest is still better than nothing at the moment. What would you use a vest for normally? (Even if you don’t use)

Bingo. Easier to adjust too.

I like using a weighted vest for conditioning work. Specifically, I go for walks with it on. I have an 80lb vest for that purpose. I also perform the Murph WOD annually on Memorial Day, which requires a 10kg weighted vest.

If you want a very cheap and reliable dippping belt, get a length of 3/8 chain and a carabiner. Wrap the chain around your waist, thread it through your weight plates or dumbbells and clip it closed. If you’re balling with your budget, you could thread the chain through an innertube so it doesn’t chew up your body, AND you could also get another length of chain to attach to the first length to give you a little more room for play.

Otherwise, Ironmind makes an incredible dip belt.



While its mentioned, do Murph or 1/2 Murphs(50 pullups/100 pus/150 squats, 1/2 mile)once a week and work on bringing your time down.


It seems you’ve abandoned the idea of cycling for now, which I agree with the rest is a good idea until you put on more mass.

One thing I haven’t see explicitly mentioned though in case you do decide to go ahead with it anyway, is that you shouldn’t inject Test Prop only 2x/ week, the half-life is too short.

You’d have to inject at least EoD and probably ED would be better.

Did a half muprh (1mile, 50,100,150 and 1 mile end) in 41 mins today. Good idea adding it to the weekly routine.

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With the Murphy challenge/workout are the squats bodyweight squats? I want to try this.

Is this a daily routine?

Murph, rather than Murphy, in memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005

It’s all done with the 10kg vest on. The run, squats, push ups and chins.

I do it only on memorial day. I don’t want to cheapen it by making it a workout: I do it out of respect for a fallen warrior.

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The dip belt I’ve used for years is a length of chain run through a pool noodle and secured with carabiners. Cost about $8 all up. I got the idea from Ross Enamait (OP you may want to check out his works, he has all kinds of good low budget/DIY ideas). The most I’ve tested it with so far is 65kg worth of plates on a chin up and it has held up fine.


Sounds like hell for joints

If you are in bad shape yeah :slight_smile:

That sounds like the response of a man that hit the lottery with respect to joint health

If you are doing it once a year it might be tolerable

Given I’m shy an ACL and 20% of a menisus in one knee and have torn the labrum in my right shoulder after dislocating it 6 times and subluxing it several dozen, it’s more like winning the $5 scratcher after blowing 4k on them.

Pretty sure @kleinhound did it every day for a month. I know a dude that did Murph every day for a year, some days weighted, some days not.

Again, if you’re not in shape for it, it’s probably not going to be good for you. If you are though, you’ll manage. The hero it’s named after used it as his go to workout (called it “Body Armor”, for obvious reasons).

Curious about this. I’ve also sublaxed my shoulder multiple times. At this point I can’t use the muscles within the affected shoulder/rotator cuff efficiently. As a result performing pull-ups etc result in one side activating significantly more and some atrophy is apparent. I’m trying to avoid surgery and perform unilateral exercises to cope.

Have you noted any similar issues with your deltoid/rotator cuff muscles?

haha, ok fair enough, not quite the response I was expecting. I consider myself to be in shape and moderately athletic (even now at 245-250 lbs and 33 years old), but I have had a ton of wear and tear on my joints from being in the military and running and jumping with 50-150 extra lbs of weight on my body. When I was sub 200 lbs BW and in my early 20’s, all of the running and jumping was far less taxing on my joints than it is now. And I believe my joint health to be as good as ever. And the more I think about it, I think I actually have great joints, with respect to being able to “withstand abuse”.