6 ft, 165 lbs. First Cycle Advice?

Hello all. I am looking into running my first cycle of test. Initially was thinking of running sarms, but after some research, I’m thinking much better running a test cycle.

I’m 30yrs 6ft 165lbs. Bf running about 8-14% usually depending on my cardio and diet. Excersising 5/6days a week. Id like to hopefully add 10/15lbs of lean muscle in the cycle.

The cycle I’m thinking about is 200mg test prop a week. Two 100mg doses a week (Monday and Thursday) for 10 weeks. Maybe on week 2 would add in dianabol 20mg daily for 5 weeks. Week 11 would wait for the ester to clear. Then start pct nolvadex 40mg for two weeks than 20mg the following 2 weeks there after.

What do you guys think of this cycle for a first cycle? And are the gains realistic assuming my diet and excersise is in line? I wasn’t planning on running an AI since the dose isn’t that high. And my idea using test prop to keep sides to a minimum.

Dude, at 155lbs at 6’, you need a cycle of ribeyes before you start a cycle of anabolics.


Please abstain from anabolics until you learn how to properly feed your body. Barring some sort of medical condition, you should be able to put on 40-50 lbs with mediocre training and eating copious amounts of food. And if you eat clean, most of that would be lean mass.


I can only agree.

First of all, did you do any bloodwork beforehand? This is like the most important thing

Exactly. Why do you feel the need to go on drugs? Do you really think you’re at your genetic potential?

The answer is never more drugs: if you can’t gain without them, you won’t with them or you lose it all afterwards. Learn to eat, recover and train better

But we won’t probably disuade you :man_shrugging:

So you should stay on one compound only during your first cycle. You have to know how your body reacts with one compound beforehand. You have to do bloodwork before and after. And yeah 250-300 test only should be a good entry cycle

Sorry a typo I am 165lbs not 155. Not that it changes that much of your guys opinions, which I do appreciate.

Lay out what you are doing. You might be doing too much or too little? You may not be training effectively (exercising =/= training)?

What are you eating typically?

I agree with others, that you shouldn’t use drugs at this point. I think that you need to learn how to do the training / eating first. Otherwise, you will likely lose your gains, not gain very much on cycle or both.

Your cycle is also not laid out well. Test P should be pinned at least EOD. This protocol would probably have you under range for a natural man in the trough (right before the next pin). It also isn’t enough to really make significant progress that would justify the risk of sub optimal recovery from HPTA shut down. IMO, under 400 mg/wk is just a waste of time (unless additional compounds are utilized).


The advice to not start yet is good. But, if/when you do, this isn’t how you take prop. It would be fine for cyp/enth/sust tho.

I was 6 foot 159 LBS at my lowest, and I was a rail. How long have you been working out 5/6 days a week for?

I have to say what others have said. Don’t cycle, you won’t get anything out of it at this point and can possibly fuck up your body.

10-15 lbs is possible for you to gain WITHOUT drugs in 4-6 months of consistent training and especially eating.

I believe your training is probably on point (are you progressing weight wise? Progressive overload happens?) but you are spinning your wheels. I know it can be frustrating but the key is eating. If you eat under 3000 kcals every day, day in day out, then that is your problem. Consistency in the kitchen. Carbs and protein, do it and thank me in four months when you didn’t cycle and gained the muscle you wanted.

[8–14% sounds weird to me. Nobody stays at around the same BW and goes from 8-14 or the other way round. Especially 8 percent is very hard to reach.]

Yeah totally unnecesary, use the info on this site/ run through T Nation programs and you can hit your goals easily

This a good start…

This guys stuff if want to push it…

Yes, but with no drugs necessary. You could easily do this by training hard and heavy and eating 20xbodyweight calories every day. I did it several times back when I was natural.

20-rep squats once per week + other Heavy compound movements trained twice per week(except deadlifts) + 3,500 calories per day of mostly solid food = 15 pounds additional muscle in no time flat.

If you’re going to do the cycle anyway, do the above, but eat even more.

“Always remember, the most anabolic part of any cycle is food.”


I want to thank everyone for their replies and advice. I will take everyones advice and kick up my diet to another level. I am just starting to consume whey isolate throughout the day and will kick up my intake if carbs.

As someone mention about my bf% and weight. It does fluctuates my weight 165 is my avg weight usually. I am in no means a stick. But i really would like to add some mass and be around 180 with low fat.

My training is mostly at home consisting of a mix of dumbbells and calisthenics. I have took some time off but just got back into working out in January this year. In my prime was doing around 17 pull ups 50 push ups. At the moment I can do 12 pull ups 30 strict pushups. Maybe I’m impatient but I feel like i can’t break through unlike before and my strength is just stagnant at this level.

But what I’ve read is enough. I just need to push my self harder in ny diet and training to reach my goals of 15lbs of lean mass. Thanks again all for your proper insight.

Push-ups and pull ups won’t cut it. Do you have access to a power rack, a bar, and plates anywhere?

It nearly all cases, it takes more resistance than body weight to add 15 pounds of muscle.

The exception is extremely advanced body weight training but these exercises take years to progress to.

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Going to echo what everyone has said here.

You need to learn to eat before even thinking about a cycle.

A cycle will require more nutrients and more eating to get the maximum benefit or any benefit at all if you are already that thin.

I would work on nutrition for a year first before jumping into a cycle.

I would also get your hormone levels checked and make sure your test isn’t low.

Some simple TRT and a good nutrition program could possibly do wonders for you.

I’m not able to go to the gym at the moment. And I don’t have access to plates or equipment. I just have some dumbbells so the best I can do at the moment is weighted pull ups and dips for mass building.

I will take everyone’s advice and work on eating more and dialing in my training.

Heavy training will be necessary for your goals. At some point you will have to buy a rack, bar and plates or you’ll have to get into an open Gym. If you do one of those, always remember: stick to the fundamentals. Squats, Bench, pull-ups, DLs, press. Get stronger in these and you will grow. To get stronger, eat.


Everything you could want in this thread…

Why not? When will you be able to?

Pushups and pullups can increase strength for a completely untrained novice. But this is only for a very limited period of time until your body requires more stimulus (stress) in the form of higher intensity (heavier weight) to adapt and grow in strength and size.

Once you get passed 20 pushups, you’re pretty much doing cardio or conditioning at best. After 50 pushups, your main challenge will be dealing with the boredom.

I’m not saying you won’t see any development doing pushups and pullups. I’m saying it’s a suboptimal way to build muscle and size. And it’s extremely suboptimal training with a steroid cycle to the point that your cycle will most likely be a complete waste if you decide to go through with it.

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If you have money for steroids, surely you have money for gym equipment, no?

I’m in a rental and can’t buy a power rack at the moment. I have a pull up bar, 2 sets of dumbbells 22 and 40lbs and weighted vest 40lbs

My routine is usually push, pull, legs and cardio and since the weight is light I add supersets.

Dumbbell bench press 15 immediately into dumbbell flyes then close grip press underhand to failure. I usually do 3 sets. Then I rest for a few mins. Then go into dips sometimes traditional other times v-sit with diamond push ups to failure as my superset. After that I do shoulder flyers followed by handstand push ups. Sometimes I will just hold the handstand for 30sec and the next set will perform reps. Tricep extensions or tricep press are usually performed but not everytime Abs is usually weighted crunches but I don’t perform abs everytime aswell.

My pull work out is pull ups superset with underhand dumbell rows to failure. 3 sets then chin ups with l-sit. Bicep curls and forearm curls and sometimes I will finish with dragon flag as I can feel it on my back and lats aswell as my abs

Legs are squats, lunges, calf raises followed my jump rope, jogging in place I try to perform atleast 30 mins cardio minimum.

Can you buy a trap bar?