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6 Days to Shredded Plan: Timing/Protein/Diuretic Problems

Hey Coach CT,

So a few questions regarding to the “6 Days to Shredded Plan”:

  1. For my competition I would need to weigh in at 207lbs or less, and weigh-ins are @5:00PM the day before the show? How would I go about my carb-up while making weight? And how would I schedule my eating having the next day’s schedule having pre-judging @12:00 and the actual show @5:00pm?

  2. Now I don’t think I would be able to get my hands on any Mag-10 to conduct the Pulse Fast, would an alternative be something like a protein shake and maybe a Low-Cal/No-Cal Powerade or Gatorade to keep up in terms of electrolytes?

  3. I started my diuretic about 9 days out from my competition (about last night from when I’m writing this), and I was wondering if this would cause any disruption to the plan? And if so if there is a way spin this back on-board?


why dont you have a coach dude ?

I don’t really know, I just kinda figured “What the hell” and just wung it. I wanted to try this without paying for a coach for my first go (Yeah, this is my first show) and I figured I would just put what I know to use. But leading up to this point I’ve actually been following the “30 Days Out” Trainer off a site and adjusted my macros to my needs and what not. For awhile I actually allowed my self to run a low-carb diet for about 2-3 months, then I re implemented them in a “carb-slide” fashion. But yeah, I just didn’t really think a coach would be exactly “essential” at the time, even for entering in Novice and True Novice classes.

It is REALLY easy to mess up 12-16 weeks of prep during the peak week. I would have hired a coach. Very few people can hit their peak by themselves.

You mentioned that you started diuretics 9 days out… PLEASE tell me these were not pharma diuretics (dyazide, maxide, lasix, aldactone, aldactazide, etc.)


Oh no, the diuretic I’m running right now is Xpel so it’s not to that level.

So it sounds like your 8 days out now, is that right? What’s your current weight?

More importantly, how do you look right now? At 8 days out you should look ready to get on stage. Just my .02, doing a “peak week” plan only works if you’re already very, very lean, otherwise you’ll likely come out looking soft. Can you post some pics?

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Right now I’m looking pretty good and confident. Quite frankly I think this is the leanest I’ve ever been. The scale is still sitting at 211ish for whatever reason but I’m looking good still, as if my weight never fluctuated. But a couple weeks ago I was down to 206.6 and was on my way, but then I got over ambitious and tried taking Metformin to farther aid… If anything I think that’s why my weight hiked back up so I went off of that. But any thoughts? Especially on the Metformin.


Me at 206.6 before I magically hiked up. Take note I do have excessive skin issues due to me being 285lbs at one point, so I would have the weird thing where if I did the truffle shuffle with my skin I’d have really REALLY cut abs haha.

Well, first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS on your outstanding weight loss, and getting on stage! DAMN! That’s wonderful, good for you man.

These are just my thoughts, coach Thibs may have other input. IMO you should do whatever you were doing when you got to 206, you do NOT want to have crazy manipulations to make weight. Stop the metformin and whatever else you added and go back to what you were doing.

You look OUTSTANDING dude, especially considering you’ve lost so much weight. Are you competing in bodybuilding or physique? Either way, while you do look awesome and lean, just being completely honest to hopefully set you up for a successful showing, I do not think you’re lean enough to do a whole peak week protocol. As you’ve seen from your metformin, changing ANYTHING towards the end can totally wreck your physique. I’d recommend going back to what you were doing when you were at 206.

IMO I’d do a moderate carb load starting 5 days out, maybe get a good bump of carbs on day 1, see how you’re looking, and back off accordingly. If you’re looking full and tight, keep yourself there and don’t add more carbs, otherwise you might start looking soft. Keep water intake consistent every day, and don’t mess with diuretics. Again, throwing in last minute changes, especially without the aid of a coach, will probably not end well.

If you’re 5 days out and still not at your weight, you may need to do low carbs until weigh ins to decrease water and glycogen weight, then start carb loading as soon as weigh ins are done.

I highly recommend seeking out a coach in the future!

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Haha thanks man! But even more thanks for the guidance and input! I will definitely keep all this in mind. And yeah, I’m definitely getting a coach for my second Rodeo haha! But what I’m going into is Men’s physique and Men’s Classic Physique just to let you know where I’m heading with this.


You look really good but IMHO that is about 15lbs away from being stage ready. At this level you really can’t “peak” that much and honestly risk looking worse by trying some last minute tricks.

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I agree with the others here in that you are not lean enough for a successful peak weak, but I congratulate you on your achievement and am glad to see you have a second show scheduled. To me it appears you are two months out from stage condition. I have done a show in my life and thankfully it turned out alight. I suggest you look at my Leaning Out/Contest Prep thread in the bodybuilding section considering it includes some coverage of my peak week with photos.

I don’t intend to brag here but these photos of me show just how lean you need to be in order to peak and carb up successfully. The following are pictures from two weeks out and eleven days out, a few days short of the peak week.

29 PM

The following photos two photos are from one day out, the first one being the that morning, before carbing up, and the second one taken mid-day after four high carb, low fat, low protein meals. 04 PM

You can see that in the first photo here, I was VERY flat, like painfully so! And only hours later I looked like a different person.

Again, I do not intend to brag here, but only to show you just how lean you need to be.

I hope your coach has an idea of the standard necessary for the stage. If people at work and your everyday life are not questioning your health and sanity, you’re not lean enough. :slight_smile: