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6 Days to be Shredded...Dehydration Routine

Hey all,

I have been doing a low carb diet these past weeks getting ready for a contest this weekend. For dehydration I am trying the 6 day routine as presented in the article on this site.

My question is…should a person go into a carb load as explained in the 6 day routine after not having significant carbs for an extended period? What do you think? Thank you.

Are you talking zero carb, or just low carb previous to the 6 days? I plan on using the 6 day prep as well for my show, and I know that by the 2nd to last week, I’ll be down to about 100g on an average day, which I guess is still ‘significant’ compared to zero… the point of depleting is to make sure your Glycogen is run down, so even if you’re typically on the low end, I don’t really think it would make a difference.