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6 Days to 2 Days: What Would You Do?



A recent job promotion (yeah for me) is going to require me to adjust my workout schedule significantly. Essentially, I can only commit to 2 days, Friday and Sunday. Currently, I have been doing the 6 Day Strength/Skill Circuit. In my new role, I might be able to sneak in a quick workout at the limited office gym, but can’t commit. If you wanted to at least maintain muscle mass and flexibility, how would you set up your 2 days? I was thinking of: Day 1: Bench/Squat/Deadlift, 8x3 Strength/Skill style. Day 2: Full Body, 10 exercises, 3 sets 8-10 reps, with an advanced technique on the last exercise for each body part. Then, I would try to sneak in some more instinctive training during the week only if I had time. Do you think this is a good approach?


With only one day between, that might be asking a lot of your body. However, I do much the same thing. What’s that about practice what you preach?? :slight_smile: Anyway, give it a whirl. You’ve got a strength component one day and a bodybuilding component the other day. Wendler has a lot of two day full body programs as well. I don’t know how many are on his forum here, but on his personal forum, there has to be at least 25 two day/ week templates, and most reviews are positive. There’s one referred to as 2-2-2 that may be of interest.


Thanks, Believer. I will definitely check the Wendler stuff out.


Definitely check out Wendlers 2 days. I don’t see how you would be able to do any extra leg work at all on the second day if you do a heavy squat and dead for an 8x3.


Personally I’m a high frequency guy and I have never used 2 weekly workouts and never trained anybody with that type of schedule. So any recommendation would only be theoretical and not based on real life results which is why I don’t think I’m in the best position to help you. Certainly a whole body routine based on two big lifts per session (e.g. overhead press/squat , deadlift/bench) would likely be useful/ The two main lifts being done with something like 8 x 3 or 5 x 5 and then performing assistance work covering the whole body, ideally in agosnist/antagonist supersets


If I may use the same topic…

I am using 2 days-a-week approach for a long time due to work and family matters. There were been Wendler full body and Hepburn upper lower based routines most of the time.

Currently I am following squat-press-pull scheme, which I like a lot.

squat (front/back)
standing press (military/BTN) supperset with pullups/chins
deadlift (at the moment rack pulls / SLDL)
dips (weighted/bodyweigth)
rows (kroc rows/pendlays)
some minor stuff (usually 350 method - biceps, grip, rear latarals, overhead plate rises - what I am currenty need).

I am trying to have at least 2 days free between training days.
I am using 5x5 ramping sets approach in main 3 lifts, rest - usually 4x8 or mentioned 350 method.

Maybe this will help a little bit to topic author.
Also - I would appreciate a lot your CT opinion on such template. Would be really grateful.