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6 Days Into Dbol Only Cycle, Help


First let me start by saying I know I fucked up by not doing my research first before fucking with this shit…so I know “im an idiot…etc” ok now I hope we r done with the lecture…Now I am about 6 days into taking 40 mg/day and I just want to know what I need to do in order to minimize the side effects. I promise I wont mess with this shit again until I am more informed, so please spare the negative comments.

I am jst looking for the best way out. I do appreciate any input on this. I’m affraid to stop now and start getting the side-effects, I dont have anything to take for when I am off the cycle. I hope I’m not too late…Thanks to all.


Call up your doctor and ask for a referral to an endocrinologist or a TRT doctor. You might be able to get into a TRT clinic without a referral. Be honest with the Dr.'s.

They will run blood tests and probably prescribe AI’s and other drugs (HCG to restart).

If you can’t afford a Dr. then you shouldn’t be taking anabolics (pay the doc with a CC). If you are embarrassed to tell the Dr. then you shouldn’t be taking anabolics.

After all this mess is over ask the TRT doc to prescribe you TRT if you still want elevated androgens. Some docs will, it’s legal, pharm grade and safe.


dude wtf lol.he took dbol for 6 days. he’s gonna be fine. this is 100 percent overkill, and he ABSOLUTELY should not be seeking TRT because of this. What fucking nonsense.

As for sides… they should be minimal, if any. If you come off of it now, I wouldn’t even run a pct. just go on with your life, and if you really think there’s a problem with recovery, get a bloodtest in a couple weeks and test total T, Estradiol, FSH and LSH. if all those values are in range, you’re totally fine.


That is a valid point. But OP couldn’t be trusted to read up on drugs before he took them.

So lets say he read that hcg injections can restart the HPTA in the event of shutdown. That’s true. But large doses cause chemical castration. PCT drugs are no joke. If OP didn’t know about Dianabol and its dangers I don’t want him doing his own PCT… if he needs one.

He didn’t want any negativity. I couldn’t figure out a way to say “OP educate yourself before you take drugs.” Without sounding like a jerk. So I told him to go to a doc.

Some TRT docs will write a script for you even if you aren’t hypogonadal and push you to the high end of normal. That way OP gets what he wants. Anabolics without needing to read about them.


That’s what I need is a trt doc who will push me up to the high side.


so whats the problem? you only explained that you are in shit etc and having sides… what sides? nipples? dick pain? what is it?


yea, I"m saying that’s a bad idea. I see absolutely zero reason to go that route and commit to a lifetime of needles just because he used dbol for 6 days. that seems extreme and probably pointless if it happens to be the case that his natural production is already high.

And he doesn’t need a pct, he just needs to stop using the dbol. That’s it. It’s super duper simple. He didn’t even say he actually has any sides, he’s just worried he would have them if he stopped now.

I cannot imagine a dude not having a full recovery from 6 days of dbol. would never happen.