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6 Days a Week Setup


dumb question, but for some reason I can't think of a good 6 days a week setup. Generally, what does a 6 days a week setup look like? Something like what i've posted? Would you have to change the exercise choice between the two identical lifting sessions in the same week?



Why don't you just take a shorter split, and then do a 3 days on, 1 day off schedule? Might be easier.


Put the off day in the middle.


Hm... Level 4 and 375 posts, you don't strike me as a rank beginner. More info would be needed about your training, goals, which muscles need the most work, etc - in order to recommend a split.

That being said... The biggest flaw I see in this is the upper body is used all 6 days. Also, if you are doing squats and deadlifts as you should, you won't have much more strength for anything on leg day.

Idea 1:

1.chest, delts, triceps
2.back, traps, biceps

Idea 2: (5 day split)
1.whole body push: chest, quads, delts, triceps, calves
2.whole body pull: back, hamstrings, traps, biceps
4.chest, delts, triceps
5.back, traps, biceps


I can't tell if you're joking.


Oh, and I think that setup is fine


Honestly, the level 4 thing is just me being really stupid in my beginning days of lifting. But, your right in your assessment in that im not a rank beginner, but as for my knowledge of setting up a training program my knowledge is not great, really i only know how to set up a 4 day split decently, for some reason 6 days strikes me as confusing. Why do i really want to lift 6 days? Most strong people i've met lift at least 5 days a week, usually 6, and it makes sense to me to do 6 if I have time, which i will very shortly here.

That said, i like idea 1 better for that reason. I've never lifted delts with chest before, it'll be weird at first im sure. And I would do deadlifts on back day, preferably. My back is a lot more worked when i do those then a back day without them. A couple of questions though for doing something like idea 1:

  1. Would you use different exercises for the 2nd workout that week (like second chest day don't do BB Bench do Incline instead)?

  2. About how many exercises/sets would be a good starting point for each muscle group a workout?




Yah, doing delts and chest together can seem like a lot, but it has it's advantages too. If you've been training chest and delts on different days it is highly likely your pushing muscles are getting stronger than your pulling muscles, which can lead to internally rounded shoulders and other problems. So, it might be good to change it up for you.

If you have a 4 day split that you like (why don't you post that by the way), then you could still use it, and just repeat, taking day 7 off. That's an option... But I'm thinking it's probably a good time for you to change it up.

I still highly recommend doing no upper body work on leg day, since you are training 6 days a week, your tendons are going to need some recovery time.

So, if you put deadlifts on back day (that's a huge day then...) but it's still possible. Then I would do whatever other work you could on leg day. Like, abs, obliques, a little cardio maybe?

Yes, I think changing up the second workout of the week is a good idea. Like starting with incline press instead of flat, or starting with pullups instead of barbell rows - whatever you want.

Here is an example program (keep in mind I am not an expert, this is just my personal advice) Additionally, I wrote it out pretty quick, so I might be missing something... It's hard to give a routine without knowing much about your current training, but you could scale this up or down depending on your level. I've written it out like this "3x10", where 3 is the sets and 10 is the reps, where you are aiming to fail at just about the 10th rep. If you are just getting started, do 2 sets of 15 for everything for a week or 2 to start, then start to increase the weights, drop the reps and increase the number of sets. I think it is beneficial to vary the intensity of exercises in a given workout, so I've included a sample set/rep scheme.

day 1: chest, delts, triceps
-barbell bench press 4x8
-(incline dumbell bench press) OPTIONAL 3x10
-machine flies 3x12
-machine shoulder press 4x12
-dumbell lateral raises 3x10
-headcavers 3x12
-pushdowns 3x8

day 2: back, traps, biceps
-deadlifts <-- only done once a week, do em right, do em heavy. 5 sets of: 8, 6, 5, 5, 3
-chinups <-- pick a number and do as many sets needed to complete. Like, 30 reps for a beginner.
-(cable rows) OPTIONAL 3x12
-barbell shrugs 3x10
-close grip upright rows 3x12
-barbell curls 3x8
-hammer curls 3x12

day 3: legs
-front squats 4x8
-one leg machine press, or lunges 3x12
-leg extensions 4x10
-leg curls 4x10
-standing calf machine 3x15
-seated calf machine 3x15
-leg raises (any kind that work) 3x20
-planks 3x 1 minute each (or as long as you can do)

day 4: chest, delts, triceps 2
-incline barbell bench press 4x10
-(flat dumbbell bench press) OPTIONAL 3x8
-machine or cable flies 3x12
-standing barbell push press 3x8
-machine laterals 3x12
-dips (pick a number and do as many sets as needed. like, 30 reps)
-cable tricep pushdown 3x15

day 5: back, traps, biceps 2
-bent over barbell row 4x8
-wide grip pulldowns 4x10
-db shrugs 3x8
-smith machine Haney shrugs 3x12
-alternating db curls 3x8
-machine curls 3x12

day 6: legs 2
-back squat 4x8
-leg extensions 3x12
-leg curls 3x12
-stiff leg deadlifts 3x12
-standing calf machine 3x12
-seated calf machine 3x12
-ab machine 3x12
-side planks 3x 1 minute intervals (or as long as you can do)

day 7: off

Whew, that took a few minutes more than I thought. If you have any questions, let me know. I'll help you scale it up or down, or change the exercise/set/rep selection. I've made a lot of assumptions here, and like I said, I just whipped this out off the top of my head, so I'm probably missing something.


I'm sorry, but it's obvious you've never done a six day split. The volume here is unheard of.


Each workout is approximately 20-25 sets. You think THAT is high volume? Why don't you post your recommendation, instead of just trolling?


I do a six way split and that is honestly about the same amount of volume I use. lol


Without knowing your problem areas, it's kinda hard to design a split. If your legs are a strong point, you probably don't need 3 times a week, maybe only once or twice a week while you bring your upper body to par. Could just go upper/lower 6 days in a row then take day 7 off.


You recommend doing 20-25 sets PER DAY and you say I'm trolling?

Take a look at something like Bill Starr's 5x5. It's 3 days a week, and a total of about 45 sets, with about half of them being ramp-up sets. That's leaves about 25 work sets PER WEEK.

Smolov squat cycle is about 20 - 40 sets per week (if you add upper body training).

Bodybuilding bible found on this site: 4-24 work sets per day (assuming you take the max recommendation, every exercise, every session).

My recommendation? Keep the volume per workout low, you can't do the same volume per workout as in a 3 or 4 day split.


I was serious, it's just what i would do if i did a 3-day split.


Yes, I thought you were looking for a fight. "it's obvious you've never done a six day split". You said. After 19 years of training, I've done just about any split you can imagine. I also trained enough to know my way is not the only way. This is just ONE suggestion that I like. I train with much more volume than this.

That's the great thing about asking for training advice on a site like this, you're going to get lots of different opinions. The funny part is, most of them will work. The real trick is finding out what works for each individual. But where do you start? It really doesn't matter. Except, higher rep and moderate volume I personally recommend for beginners, because less intensity is involved. You need to have a solid base to perform the type of intensity for low volume work.

That's just my opinion.


I hope you realize that after the first week it's the same exact program regardless of whether the "off" day is in the middle of the week or at the end.

It's posts like these that really worry me.


Haha yeah, i realize this..but some people have a better piece of mind putting it in the middle (Because sunday (on)-monday (on) feels different than thursday (on)-friday (on) for some.) Easy there hoss just my input :wink:.


I do a 6 day split and that sounds pretty much like what I do...and it's worked well for me.


For the record, I totally agree with your opinion.