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6 Days a Week, Limit Strength

These are my “big six”:
Pullup, Sumo Deadlift (because we love each other), Olympic style Squat, Bench (but not at the moment cause I need shoulder rehab), Military Press (shoulder Rehab), and chest supported row.

I’ve been searching to no avail for a template to follow for training 6 days a week (because I hate not training) in a way that’s focused on improving limit strength.

I’m still at the beginner level (and yes I’d prefer to train for 6 days a week despite that fact). My lifts are below where they should be due to my budget cutting into my diet and gym access though I never quit training. The situation is slightly better now. My max deadlift is 315, max squat is a little over but pretty close to 240 and my max bench (with poo shoulders) is 180, military press is about 130 and I can do a pullup with 65 pounds extra. My lightest ever before training was 165, my heaviest ever with training was 190, but that has declined and I now sit at about 180 because of “interference”.

At the moment I’m drinking a Canadian gallon of milk which is slightly larger than an american gallon (comes to about 2080 calories), and eating 2 lbs of ground pork a day (another 2000), somedays I’ll add a cup of rice (dry) which comes out to about 640 extra calories, and I eat my salads and rice with heaps of olive oil. Unfortunately it sometimes seems that I have the metabolism of a tactical nuke.

So back to the original question. 6 excercises, 6 days a week, what kind of programing/resources would you reccommend, what kind of accessory movements would you suggest?

(Oh, and I’ve tried rippetoes, which by the way isn’t a 6 day schedule so how dare you for even thinking of mentioning it! lol)

I think focusing on max strength for 6 different exercises might be a bit much for your CNS to recover from. You’re going to need to go balls out every workout to add strength to any lift, but 6 different lifts is quite a bit. You might want to split them up a bit, concentrate on 3 for a couple months and then switch it up.

Also, while you’re getting a lot of calories, they’re only coming from a couple sources. It’d be more beneficial to spread your sources out, especially something other than pork. You’ll recover much better with a more varied source of Aminos.

If you’re hooked on doing the six lifts in six days thing at least make sure you’re sleeping your ass off. Only thing that might save you!

Thanks… I figured that I might have to split my focus a little with those excercises, which is probably a good thing because I can’t really press all that well at the moment without pain unless I retract my scapulas hard enough to crack walnuts (and even then there’s a bit of pain).

Yeah the pork is the cheapest meat that I’m aware of which I get at costco (unless the canadian superstore puts their very fatty beef on sale) or sometimes I’ll buy the beef kidneys instead. I’m transit locked so usually I don’t go to the superstore which is further out of my way. Costco does sell some economical whey so I’ll probably pick up another 6 lb tub.

Unfortunately it seems that the milk may be torching my intestines (as it sometimes does to infants) hence the blood on the toilet paper, though contrary to other people’s experiences I don’t pass liquid or have wicked gas (so it’s not lactose intolerance), I actually get the reverse, rock solid pellets of pain. Before I began to drink this much milk I felt that I might be dammaging my health because I read cordain’s work, and it appears that in at least this instance I may have.

I guess I’ll have to buy a blender to start mixing some non dairy liquid calories, cause chewing can really suck!

Back on the topic of training…

If I had to pick three it would probably be the Sumo Dead, the squat, and pullups. Now given that, How would you spread the load over a 6 day schedule? Or if it’s been done before show me where to look.