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6 Day Splits Brief and Intense


So i've been doing some bodybuilding for a while, im enjoying it nicely, and actually getting some good strength gains and looking more balanced, I just feel that if i split my workout over 6 days, i would actually save time because each workout would only take about 30 minutes, and i would stay fresh and strong till the end.

this is what i have planned: every exercise is a rep/weight pr in the smallest increment i can do to avoid plateauing too fast)

Pullups 4x(using http://webpages.charter.net/bert/reconron.html )
Rack Pulls 3x4-6
Motorcycle Row 3x4-6 (one arm)

CGB/Reverse Bench (smith) 2x4-6
Dip 2x6-8
Rope Extension 3x8-10

Weighted Chin 2x4-6 bicep dominant grip
Pinwheel Curl 3x6-8
DB Preacher 3x8-10

2km Run for time

Incline Press 2x4-8
DB Press 4x6-8
Incline DB Press 2x6-8

Back Squat 1x4-10 (all out set, breathing reps, belted)
Leg Press 3x max reps 12 plates
Leg Curl 3x4-6

Front Press 4x4-6
Lateral Machine 3x4-8
Front Raises 3x8-10

there is no rear delt because they are honestly my best bodypart, and dominate my delts. ill throw a few sets in on back day if i need. Abs, whatever. rack pulls and squats. calves tricky because my ankles are just getting used to running, but i was thinking single leg calf raises after the 2km run, and dedicate 1-2 sets max reps with a warmup weight every day on seated and standing. my weak points are front delts and biceps (biceps definitely)


I don't think there is anything wrong with 6 day splits.. and sometimes i like to do it over an 8 day mesocycle.. rather than the more common 7 day rotation.

However, when i do use a larger split, i tend to use that time to drastically increase volume - so i can really annihilate the muscles - given they have AT LEAST 7 days to recover (if the split is arranged well).

However, i think your idea is good.. just make sure you are INTENSE as all hell, implementing at least 1 set per exercise of high intensity techniques.. preferably two. I only mention it because if you don't choose to do this, then IME it would be more productive to train 2 or 3 body parts in the same session, and increase frequency.

JMO :wink:



In fact, look at some actual pro routines. With very few exceptions, their volume is far from crazy and they usually only ramp up to one top-set per exercise and do 2-4 exercises per bodypart...

Imo unless you're on gear or have the genetics for it, high-volume 1/week training isn't much of a long-term plan... Doesn't get you very strong at all, or only at a slow pace.

Take a look at "professor X: a request" (thread) and read it through (okay, you could ignore the last few pages).

That particular approach is great for strength gains (in the moderate to high rep ranges) without much tendon/joint trouble and with little need for time-off. Gotta eat though, otherwise nothing is going to happen.


I've increased my barbell rows, squats, deadlifts etc. by a lot over the course of 2 months on a standard 4/5-split. Now I'm probably still considered a beginner, but programs like 5x5, upper/lower splits etc. never did that for me. Guess you just gotta find out what works for you.


thanks for the advice guys, just came back from the tricep workout. took 35 minutes and i hit PRs all the way through



I love six day splits. The perfect mixture of volume, intensity and frequency for the vast majority of people imo.


I assumed as much actually - i shouldn't have of course.


my intensity is good on certain exercises, on squats i whip myself into a frenzy, and usually after one all out set there is nothing left for another.

but on some upper body stuff i find it hard. i need ways to psyche myself up, like ill maybe smack my forehead or knees before a heavy bench set.

i need to find my "yeah buddy"