6 day split

Hi guys i am going to start a 6 day split since the summer’s almost here and i dont have n e thing to do cept work. here’s my routine tell me what u think
day1-chest, back
day2-shoulders, arms
day3-forearms, abs
day4-chest, back
day5-shoulders, arms
day6-forearms, abs
i also do a seperate leg workout so i dont want to overtrain my legs so i didnt put it in there. What exercises would benefit me the most on the days cuz im pretty new to this. Did any body try a routine like this and if u did can u tell me how u gained. What kind of diet should i go on to gain like 10 lbs of muscel. Sorry if its allittle long,

Well, while I do think that most people could increase the volume that they are currently doing, your training split seems a little excessive to me. Of course without seeing what exercises, sets, reps, and tempo, I can’t really say anything about what or how much you should eat or if you are doing to do much volume. Go back and read Massive Eating part 1 to figure out how much you should eat. Link should be in FAQ.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t a 6 day split do more harm than good? Sure if you are some sort of recovering freak your muscles might be up for it, but there are other factors. Have you ever heard of your Central Nervous System? You are going to overtrain super fast. If you really want to try it, you better be using creatine and/or roids.