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6 Day Split - What Do You Think?

Monday - Biceps/Calfs/Triceps
Tuesday - Back/Traps/Legs
Wednesday - Chest/Calfs/Shoulders
Thursdays - Biceps/Forearm/Triceps
Friday - Back/Traps/Legs
Saturday - Chest/Forearm/Shoulders

For (calfs) and (traps) i only do 1 exercise for 4 sets

For (forearms) i do 3 exercises for 4 sets

the rest of the muscles i do 4 exercises for 4 sets the only muscles i occasionally add a bonus exercise is (back) or (legs)

If you have a better split to share please feel free or even put your own i had more then 3 splits but this is my newest one Ive been doing for the past 2-3 weeks so long its good

I dont like the idea of only doing one movement for traps…and 3 for forearms.

To me, at least, forearms should be worked only by holding heavy weights.

For calves, I like 2x a week, 1 neimg seated and the other standing 2 movements 4 sets of 6…

I like prone incline shrugs, upright rows, and trap bar shrugs for traps. 4 of 6-8 also

having two dedicated arm days is a no go for me too

overall I guess I dont like your split because I am not really a frequency guy, I’m good with once a week on every thing.

Monday-Chest Traps, and Biceps…start session with seated calves
Tuesday-Quads,Triceps…start session with upper/lower abs
Thursday-Shoulders (biceps if I want…start session with standing calves
Friday-Hamstrings (triceps if I want) twisting abs movements

I don’t like having a whole leg day, I’d rather have hams and quads done seperately. For me, there’s too much to put in without neglecting a part. I dont wanna feel like I have to save energy for hams after doing the quads portion of the work out…ya know?

eh, just threw that out there, not saying its better on anything

My problems with yours are

2 arm days
1 trap movement
3 forearm days
1 calf movement
no ab work
no mobility work

You really didnt put up much onfo though so…


not my cup of tea, but if it works for you, crack on.