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6 Day Split What do you think ???

Monday - Biceps/Calf/Triceps
Tuesday - Back/Traps/Legs
Wednesday - Chest/Calf/Shoulders
Thursday - Bicep/Forearm/Triceps
Friday - Back/Traps/Legs
Saturday - Chest/Calf/Shoulders

for (calfs) and (traps) I just do 1 exercise for 4 sets

for Forearm I do 3 exercises for 4 sets (should i do more forearm ?)

the rest of the body I do 4 exercises for 4 sets each the only body part ill add an extra exercise is (Back) or (Legs)

thanks for the feedback if you could think of a better split please feel free to share it i want to look like a bodybuilder and be strong as well the whole package if you will lol

181 pounds

Been training for 2 years started at 155 now im 181 my bodyfat is around 20- 25% range im trying to lose atleast 10-15 pounds without losing any muscle of course i eat 5 meals a day i eat healthy 99% please give me any advice on losing weight without losing any strength or muscle