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6-Day Routine


So I have 8 weeks free from any trouble so I have decided to try and get me some decent workouts the coming weeks and I have made an attempt to make a6 day split.
I looked up another split that has been posted on this forum and made some minor adjustments.

Please be honest in your comments cause I want to hear what I am doing wrong instead of wasting some good training time.

Legs + Shoulders

Squat x5 (5-6 reps)
Leg Extension x5 (6-8 reps)
Calf Raises x5 (8-12 reps)
Seated DB Press x5 (8-12 reps)
Seated Side Raises x5 (7-10 reps)
Shrugs x5 (15 reps)
Front Raises x3 (10 reps)

Chest + Tris

Incline Bench Press x5 (6-8 reps)
Dips x5 (8-12 reps)
Pec Deck x5 (8-12 reps)
Seated overhead DB extension x 5
DB Presses Flat Bench x 5 (8-12)
Skull crushers x 5 (8-12 reps)

Back + Bis

Widegrip Pullup x 5 (5-7 reps)
Upper Row x 5 (12-10-8-6-6)
Seated DB Rev Flys x 5 (6-8 reps)
Standing EZ Curl x 5 (10 reps)
Standing alt DB curls x5 (8-12 reps)

Legs + Shoulders

Single Leg Legpress x5 (6-8 reps)
Leg Curls x 5 (8-12 reps)
Military Press x5 (12-10-8-6-6)
BB Front Lifts x5 (8-12 reps)
Single cable lat raises x5 (8-10 reps)

Chest + Tris

Inc DB Chest Press x5 (8-12 reps)
Chest Press x5 (10-15 reps)
Inc DB Flys x 5 (6-10 reps)
Rope extension x5 (8-12 reps)
Triceps Kick outs x 5 (12-10-8-6-6)

Back + Bis

Underhand Pullups x5 (5-7 reps)
DB Row x 5 (12-10-8-6-6)
Seated DB Rev Flys x 5 (6-8 reps)
Seated incline alt curls x5 (10 reps)
Cable curls x 5 (12-10-8-6-6)

Already thnx for any advice!


Not sure about the 5 sets of things. Perhaps 4 would be better.


How come you say that ?
Too much volume ?

I just want to learn on how to improve in the future, the help itself is appreciated.


Anybody else with some constructive criticism ?


Yes too much volume is what I was getting at. At least if you're doing it 2 times a week. If it was only once a week per body part, I would say it's fine. Give the 5 sets a try and if you find yourself not recovering enough to hit it again a few days later, either drop some volume or spread it out more.


Qualifier: I am not a big dude, yet. It matters to some people who they get advice from.

That said, you only have one hamstring movement the entire week where every other body part is getting several exercises. I would personally add in another hamstring movement somewhere.

Personal preferences: romanian/stiff-leg deadlift, glute-ham raise, good mornings.

If you don't know the movements, google them and videos come up in like 5 seconds. Best of luck. Oh and if you're looking to put on mass, make sure you're eating enough.


You've got a lot of volume. That's fine if you can handle it. Be smart about your weights and EAT. You likely need more leg work than you have, and more posterior chain work in general. You're not spending much time on your biggest muscle groups. But it all depends on your goals. Were these exercises selected for a specific purpose?


I followed the advice from you guys and added a deadlift wich I forgot to put in on the second day.
I'll also put in those goodmornings since I think it's a pretty taxing but nice exercise to do.

And my purpose is to try and gain some mass the coming weeks, maybe some more comments on that area ?
Doing too much, too little ?

Thnx for the advice so far guys


Can you do:





I think doing Chest and shoulders 2 days back to back is probably not the best. I definitely feel the fatigue in my shoulders if I've lifted heavy with them and am doing chest the next day.

Just my $.02


[quote]ude garame wrote:

I'll also put in those goodmornings since I think it's a nice exercise to do.

I know what you mean but this sentance made me chuckle lol :slight_smile:


mass = food. If you do enough work to cause adaptation in your muscles and eat a surplus of calories you will gain muscle mass. The type of routine is not really the biggest consideration there, the eat a surplus of calories part is. In a high volume routine like this, if you are working out at any serious level of intensity with even remotely heavy weights you will be putting a lot of stress on yourself. You will need to take eating and resting doubly serious. Again. Eat.


This. 3 days on, one day off, 3 days on is probably going to be more productive than six straight and one day off. I'm always in the gym and I think I would crash hard by week two. One day off just wouldn't be enough rest for me.

I would also be cautious about two shoulder days in one week, and if I did it I would put my big shoulder exercises on one day and use the other for more mobility type stuff. You might be fine with what you have here, the only way to find out is to try, but a lot of people would have trouble with it.


Yeah I am doing 3 days on and then rest day.
I'm adapting the program as I am going, where I feel there is too much volume I take down a set like people mentioned before. I am taking rest seriously as I am getting decent amounts of sleep, take my supplements and get decent meals each day.

I will also take into consideration to split the chest and shoulder days.

Thnx for the advice guys, any more keep it coming :slight_smile:


"decent meals" can mean a lot of things, make sure you are eating enough food (especially protein) to support muscle growth or you won't get the most out of your time. What does your diet look like?


I think doing big lifts/accessories is a good idea if you're going to be going 2x a week. My joints are finnicky and I know they'd absolutely hate me if I was doing 2 days of heavy shoulder presses a week. Egad!


By decent meals I mean no junkfood or booze all the time.
I get up and take a shake and breakfast, mostly just bread with things like chickenfilet (not sure how to say it in english).
I'll eat a piece of fruit during my break at school, during lunch I'll eat a sandwich and take a shake.
Around 6 pm I eat at home whatever my father cooks but he cooks with fresh vegetables and cooks nice meals with potatoes mostly and sometimes french fries.
2 hours later or after practice I'll take my last shake of the day and maybe a piece of fruit or some snack before I go to sleep later on.
I try to drink a bottle of water each day.

I don't weigh everything or make studies about what I eat but it's not junk food or crap.

And I am indeed doing heavy lifts 1 practice and accessories the other now.


Yup. You need to a) pay more attention to what you eat. What you just told me is that your diet changes every day and you have no real idea where you are on nutrition.
b) I would bet anything that you should be eating more protein. If you're going to lift all out for the next month or whatever you need a diet that supports that effort. Meat. Protein shakes. Fish. Eggs. Make these things your close personal friends. Gaining mass (in the body building sense) means gaining muscular weight, the only way to do that is to eat more food.


I am gaining weight and at the moment I'm not going to weigh everything or calculate every calorie.
Being a beginner that doesn't really matter that much as long as I am eating enough to support what I'm doing.
I've gained 20 pounds the last year, I know pretty much what to eat since I am used to weight cutting and making weight for competition in MMA. At the moment getting the best nutrition isn't my top concern just gaining weight and putting in the effort is for me the way to go.

About the protein you are right and I am getting a caseine shake for when I am going to sleep and a better whey protein for later on.


Clearly you've got it all figured out then. Best of luck.


Don't take it wrong in the way of "ow he know best".
It's just that my nutrition used to be bad and that has been cleaned up by getting advice from trainers and by experience in the last years.

I appreciate the advice and effort put into your replies.

Thanks either way