6-Day Routine for Wheels

Thank you. Great response. Obviously I’m thrilled that TRT is benefitting my physique — no denying the real effects in that regard for any dude on test — but I got on it because I was having health issues affecting my marriage, not because I wanted to get yolked.


We also need to emphasise that the dosages used is not close to a cycle amount.

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Obviously you had a valid reasons.

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I think either one of these would help. For the Hungarian Oak one, use 30% of your 1RM.

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High volume wide stance leg press superset/drop set(whatever you want to call it) with narrow stance leg press.

Lunges with DB/BB or my personal favorite, smith machine. High reps and really burns

DB RDL super set with hip thrusts

Single leg extension superset with single leg leg curl

These exercises have helped me a ton in building mass over the years. I used to do the whole squat heavy and squat a lot and the results were underwhelming. Give them a shot, what’s the worst that could happen

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I have no doubt, I just don’t know anything about that side of it

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Yeah this guy gets mediocre feedback. Run an actual Wendler template not a guy trying to rip off his work.
This below works great, just hit the widowmakers/Monday very hard and legs will blow up…

If want to do 6 days /‘extra’ work then do hill sprints or 45 mins HIIT cardio on two of the days off

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Man oh man, the Hungarian Oak Leg Blast looks like hell on earth, the type of program only a psychopath would want to run! So obviously I’m intrigued :slight_smile: Couple questions about that one; curious about your thoughts…

  1. I have a home gym, so unfortunately I lack access to leg extension/curl equipment. Do you think I could implement alternative movements to mimic the results, or are those machines absolute must-haves for this routine, meaning I should look for a different program?
  2. Obviously this is a 2-day-a-week leg split. What do you think would be an appropriate amount of volume/frequency for other body parts (ex Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday)? Wondering if there’s some other program for the upper body I could integrate smoothly with this one, because this looks amazing for the lower body.

EDIT: Thinking about using CT’s Simple, Guaranteed Strength and Size as the supplement, just using those 2 upper-body days in combination with the Oak program for lower body. Thoughts?

Seriously. Call it gear if you’d like – I think that’s fair – but using the term “cycling” is inaccurate and may cause unnecessary hesitance for guys who have legitimate health programs and need to look into TRT. It has caused such a massive change in my life for the better, I can’t even put it into words. No one should feel shame about it.

These machines/movements are all amazing. I agree that implementing these ‘alternatives’ could lead to better results than just squatting heavy. There’s a reason bodybuilders use them! I like that you integrate some isometric work, too – that’s smart. When you were building mass with these movements, did you maintain squats as a staple in your routine (maybe at a lighter weight, to prevent excessive fatigue), or did you drop them and focus on the machines?

Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard much about him; just knew his stuff was popular on forums.

Those widowmakers look agonizing! I love it. I bet you get crazy pump/burn/soreness with that combination of sets/reps. I also bet that with that programming, there’s no way my lower body could recover quickly enough to do hill sprints/HIIT cardio on the other days.

Umm? Was that ment for me or someone else? Because I said you was doing it for the proper reason.
Your pretty much stating my view on it.

I’m echoing your thoughts and agreeing with you, not challenging your viewpoint.

Oh ok . I was just making sure.

I’ve completely dropped squats from my routine. I don’t really enjoy the exercise to be honest. Legs have never looked better. Occasionally I’ll add some Bulgarian split squats but that’s about it

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I think it’s kind of weird how some guys are married to the idea that you absolutely need to squat and deadlift. I really don’t think that’s always the case, with many examples out there. Granted, I’m far from an expert, and those are definitely big bang-for-your-buck compounds, but it seems to me there are plenty of exceptions and ways to get results without them. If you don’t like them, there’s no need to have them in your routine, IMO.

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You don’t NEED any particular exercise. But I think everyone needs a “Squat” movement and a “hinge” movement, and a some sort of pull from the floor in their workout.

It can be goblet squat, rdl, and trapbar deadlift
It can be front squat, db rdl, power clean
It can be split squat, good morning, snatch grip deadlift

I think you got to think in terms of movements first and then fill out the rest with what you want IMO.

Squat movement
Hinge movement
Horizontal pull movement
Vertical pull movement
Vertical push movement
Horizontal push movement
Lunge movement
Weighted carry movement

I agree with you about the big three categories. But what would you think of subbing in something machine-based, like the hack squat or leg press, for the squat movement? I’ve been wondering whether that could generate the same results, despite the present hysteria about free weights.

IMO, they would never produce the same results. Could you get some big quads and stronger legs using the leg press? Of course. But back squatting/front squatting builds so much more than just the legs. I mean if you are injured or just looking for a change of pace you could swap them out for a few weeks and then go back to squatting.

I also workout at home, don’t have a leg extension/curl machine either.

I think banded leg curls would work pretty well - just lay face down on a bench and loop a band around your ankles and the other end anchored somewhere. You could also do them with a dumbbell between your feet, but that gets a little tricky as the weight gets heavier, and I feel a band provides more resistance towards the top of the movement.

For leg extensions, if you had a reverse hyper machine that would work great. Could possibly use ankle weights, or set something up with some bands here too? Never tried it myself. If you’re unable to, I’d say just try to find some other movement that you feel isolates the quads as much as possible…maybe some Bulgarian split squats or something? Oh - Sissy squats would maybe work! Or look up Paul Carter’s no weights leg program (linked below) - he’s got some type of kneeling movement that supposedly works the quads well - I’ve never done it.See if Paul Carter or Christian Thibadeau have tips on how to really isolate muscles - they usually do.

As far as upper body, I really don’t know…I don’t think high reps on any movement sucks as much as squats, so doing high reps on bench or something, while it may hurt, isn’t quite as torturous. Maybe think about just maintaining your upper body while focusing on your lower body - try doing 5/3/1 Boring But Big for the bench and overhead press - 3 sets of 1-5 reps with a certain weight, than 5x10 with a lower weight. Superset bench with rows and overhead with chinups, and finish up with some arm work or something. Each movement (bench and overhead press) would have it’s own day.

If you want, while you’re in a high volume phase, here’s another workout I’ve always wanted to give a shot - though it’s not for legs.

Here’s the aforementioned one with the quad movement.

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