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6 Day PPL for Strength and Hypertrophy

Hi, need help with ppl. I would like to switch from 5/3/1 to ppl 6 days.

Would like a program that has both strength and hypertrophy. So i was thinking something along the line in doing first 3 days ppl pure strength something like 3x3 a day rest and then next 3 days 3x6-8 followed by one or two days of rest.


Look up PHAT by Layne Norton, it sounds pretty close to what you’re describing though it is U/L rather than PPL.

“Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete” on CT’s Thibarmy site has all of that.

Did the programme for 3 months. U/L does not suit me.

Thanks man, will check it out.

Westside for skinny bastards has you pretty much train everything twice a week with two work-outs focussing on hypertrophy & two others focussing on strength…could be worth a look.

How does 531 not have strength and hypertrophy component?

Just do 5/3/1 BBB. Hypertrophy AND you get stronger? Do some arm stuff afterwards? I mean, I don’t care if you switch programs but you don’t need to do more to get bigger. If you can squat 405 for 5x10 and bench 315 for 5x10 I think you’ll be plently big.

Agreed. Its on my shortlist, thanks.

531 best programme for me so far but after two years of running it i just need a change. Got the book and all.

Did BBB and other templates from the forever book for two years. Would like a change.

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Sounds like you’re ready to run Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program.

But also, why run BBB for 2 years out of Forever when Forever says not to do that?

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Just got Andersen’s e book. Will read it. Thanks.

I never said i run BBB for 2 years. I said BBB and other templates. Some variations i did more times some i did not like.

You’re right. Looks like I wasn’t reading carefully.