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6 Day Deficit, 1 Day Binge?

Really Stupid Experiment I Saw

Theres a video on YouTube which got deleted I think but basically this guy takes like 20,000 steps a day and works out I think it was a 4-5 day split but then he wanted to do this thing where he’s active like mentioned above for 6/7 days while eating in a deficit, and then on the 7th day he literally stayed in bed or just barely moved and ate like a pig. Would this result in fat gain or is it just calorie balance? I personally felt like he would’ve gained fat since he wouldn’t have used those calories.
Your Thoughts?

It was either Obesetobeast or Davidlaid


What is the maximum extension? Like theres weekly calories but is there like yearly calories?

It’s more than daily for me, if I go hungry one day then I’m extra hungry the next. Also the opposite, if I eat a lot one day then I would be less hungry the next

It’s complicated for long term tho, I force fed myself for so long that the food tasted less without me even noticing and my sense of smell got really weak. There’s more to it than just higher metabolism or fat storage

If he ate 12,000 calories per day then fasted on Sundays. Would you expect some positive outcome?

I honestly dont know

This is not complicated maths.

12000 x 6 = 72000 calories in a week. An average of over 10,000 a day. What do you think happens if you eat over 10,000 kcal a day for a prolonged period of time?

Honestly not enough info for someone to even have a true rational opinion.
The way it sounds the individual is using the old strategy of trying to keep their metabolism stoked while in a caloric deficient. With the goal of preventing the body from adapting to a low caloric intake.

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Humans are designed for periods of feast and famine. Technically, you could fast for six days and lose anything from 0.5 to 1lbs of fat a day (3-6 lbs) and then, perhaps, gain 1lbs or so back on day 7. Of course, when you merely restrict calories a bit for the six days then you could conceivably gain weight after splurging on day 7.

As far as hormones go, one binge a week will do little to increase leptin levels - which will also begin to drop rapidly a day or 2 back into your diet.

This post doesn’t even take into account the physical and emotional stress from binge eating.