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6 Day Challenge


This picture is entirely water lost. 10 lbs in 24 hours. You can see a difference, but even as lean as I am there, the visual difference is minimal. This was also after I’d lost an initial 4-5 lbs in the week leading up to the cut.


Thank you so much for you input. As you already mentioned, it’s really just a personal challenge so I don’t have anything on the line here, but I am definatley learning a TON…about proper techniques, and also about how my body reacts. I really don’t expect to see a ton of visual differences, but I can say that I have dropped 5lbs of water weight so that’s reassuring.

I don’t flatter myself with fantasies of being a true bodybuilder (as far as competing and that type of thing), but I do enjoy the challenge of training like that is my goal. My aim is to be as healthy as I can be, and this kind of shit just keeps it “interesting” for me. If I don’t challenge myself I get bored. I’ve learned that I love lifting weights and challenging myself to do things that other normal people would think are crazy.

My wife enjoys it as much as I do so it’s pretty much our routine. Every day, lifting weights and challenging each other continually. I freakin LOVE it man!

Thanks again… I will take any constructive criticism I can get, and I am always thankful for the insights of experienced guys like you that can tell me where I’m getting it wrong, and explain how I can do it better next time.

Nobody wants to “fuck it up”, but if you don’t take that risk, how in the hell else are you going to learn? lol


BTW…GREAT job on your cut bro! I know you said that you don’t see much difference there, but I think the difference in vascularity (I think that’s the right word?) is night and day!


I’m very glad you took what I said in a positive way, that was how I intended. I try to keep things 100% honest, I don’t like sugar coating things. You’ll always make progress when you can accept criticism as well as you are here. props bud.


Last water today, and the last big meal. Almost there!!

Decided against the turkey slices and opted for the leftover Mahi Mahi. The turkey has way too much sodium as it turns out.


Just chicken and rice?


Sorry I was just editing that. It’s Mahi Mahi.

I usually have veggies with almost every meal, but the point of today is mainly carbs. With the elevated amount of carbs and the protein needs, I decided to kill the veggies to keep the total calories from being too high.


Just a waiting game now. Thirsty as hell but gonna follow the program as best as I can. I decided to work Chest and Biceps today 10x12.

Going to get up in the morning and follow the last steps of the program. A small meal for breakfast (contents to be determined by my assessment in the mirror). Then wait about an hour and drink a can of full sugar soda, and have two tbsp of vegetable glycerine about 45 min before the final pump workout. Then take some final pics for comparison.

Then it’s off to town for a very bad lunch with a few adult grade beverages to celebrate making it through, and then start preparing for next weeks routine, which I still am on the fence about.

What do you guys think? @NH_Watts @flipcollar

Would I be wise to stay in deficit and keep going on the cutting road, or should I switch to maintenance for a few weeks (or maybe even surplus)and then go back to deficit later on?

On one hand, I know I still have fat to cut so I want to stay in a deficit, but I’ve been running the deficit for so long, and an extreme deficit for this last week, that maybe it’s a good idea to bump up the cals next week to let the metabolism reset?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


D Day!!!

Final stats

Height - 5’ 8.5”
Weight - 177 lbs (-8 lbs)
Hips - 37.25” (-.75”)
Waist - 35” (-.5”)
Chest - 41.75” (-.25”)
Neck - 15.5” (-.5”)
Us Navy BF Calc - 18.8% (-.2%)

Not bad for a weeks work!!

Will update with comparison pics and summary (what I’ve learned) in a little bit.

Pics update…

As promised, here is a straight out of bed comparison pic. Not to much visual difference but I’m happy with the differences in the measurements.

Here’s a couple after the “pump up” and me making a very feeble attempt to pose lol!!

Bmbrady77 Lab Results

Splurge menu today after pics or what? oh right “off to town for a very bad lunch with a few adult grade beverages to celebrate”


Hell yes!! Thinking maybe Applebees and a couple jack and cokes. Lol!


Nice results and hats off to yah on pushing yourself to do this. Keep us updated in the coming days. I’m curious how much fat you burned from this or water weight.


Yo flip . You sir have gotten ripped that’s fantastic. Obviously you put in tons of hard work. I’m curious how hard did you have to work on the diet to achieve this look?


Not much really. 0.2% to be exact.

Most of it was water but the interesting thing is that, even with that extreme of a deficit, I was able to not lose any muscle mass, at least according to my calculations.


That’s good. You actually won’t lose muscle from something like this if you have normal body fat. I fast 30 days every year sunrise to sunset - no water no food nothing for 14-15 hours or more a a day. Hard as Ffffff… mentally… but totally doable.

What i did lose is fitness. I could still put out the same numbers end of the month as before, but my endurance and v02 has dropped. Firmness and definition goes away for sure. But it takes little time to recoup.

I am told and have read the body will chew away at fat when fasting not muscle. Muscle comes last. Athletes train for this via fasted endurance rides and runs. Train body to use fat as fuel.


I admittedly don’t have to work hard on diet at all. When I’m dieting down to make a weight, I just eat a little bit less than maintenance, and I’ll eliminate junk food when necessary. Which is not even always necessary lol.


I obviously don’t know from personal experience, (well maybe I do from when I was much younger), but I understand that when your BF% hits a certain mark, and you have a decent amount of muscle mass, diets aren’t quite as finicky. Muscle burns energy.

When most people have issues and have to start being very fickle about diet manipulation is when they have a higher BF% and the metabolism is out of whack. Also, as the BF% starts to drop, staying in extended caloric deficits will screw up the metabolism as well so then you have to adjust back up to allow it to reset. It’s kind of like pushing a mining cart uphill. Not saying that when you get to the top of the hill, you just coast from there. Keeping that level of fitness takes work as well. It’s more like going from extreme uphill to slight tilt uphill if that makes sense.

For me personally, I’ve been in a deficit for far too long, and last week I dove into a deep deficit in anticipation of shocking the metabolism. This week I’m going back up to maintenance and I’m going to remain there for at least 3 weeks before I go back into a deficit. I’ve learned, at least for me, I will be doing myself a huge favor by not staying in a deficit for more than 8 weeks at a time. The older I get, the easier it seems to be for my metabolism to be a lot quicker to slow down, but takes longer than it should to speed back up.

That just me though lol.


What are your maintenance calories? Do they change based on your expenditure (diff workouts) or do you keep them constant? Have you changed how you diet since you started TRT? What is your current protocol? Thanks


My maintenance is around 2500 cals based on personal experience on workout days. The calculators always put me a lot higher, but I’ve found that for my body, if I go higher than that I start gaining fat. On off days I’ll try to hit 2000 or so, but I usually workout 5 days a week.

That being said, my metabolism is screwed too which I think is why my maintenance calories are lower than they should be. I stayed in a deficit for over a year and that was not wise. I’m hoping that if I cycle the deficit (8 weeks max) / maintenance / surplus (3-4 weeks) for a year or so my metabolism will be able to heal. I’ll re assess from there.

I did change my diet quite a bit when I started TRT, but not so much by calories. It was more healthier food selection. My initial blood results were a wake up call for me so I can’t say that it’s TRT related per se, but rather that TRT was a product of my decision to change my lifestyle for the better all the way around.

My current TRT protocol is 150mg / week (50mg MWF).


Have you talked to your doc (or considered UG) about metformin to maybe deal with insulin sensitivity? Not saying the natural route isn’t better, just curious. 2,000 kcals on off days seems really low.