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6 Cycles of 5/3/1 Results

Just finished my 6th cycle of 5/3/1 and figured I’d share the results. I started in December after having to take a couple months off from lifting with a fractured right fibula from a motorcycle accident. Starting body weight 165lbs. Ending weight 175lbs. Numbers are from end of first cycle to end of sixth.
OHP 9@110 to 6@140
Dead 8@350 to 8@410
Bench 8@180 to 6@210
Squat 9@215 to 10@275


Just for some context, could you share your “actual max”, what you used for a Training max, and what 5/3/1 template you ran?


I ran the off season template for strength from “5/3/1 for Powerlifting”. My final TM’s were:
P 145
D 430
B 220
S 290
Final 1 rep calculated max (lbs change from first cycle):
P 168 (+26)
D 519 (+76)
B 259 (+34)
S 366 (+89)

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