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6 Cycle Progress. Press and Squat Slower Than DL/Bench

Hey guys,

I started Wendlers 5/3/1 and i`ve just finished Cycle #6.
I do two leaders (5s PRO + BBB) and 2 anchors (5/3/1 + FSL)
The supplementary done is on opposite days so Deadlift supplementary on squat days and vice versa to increase frequency
I usually go on average about 4/5* a week.

This is how my training has progressed over the 6 cycles (1RM):
Trap bar deadlift: 145kg --> 167kg
Bench press: 81kg --> 95kg
Overhead press: 47kg --> 51kg
Squat: 85kg --> 92.5kg
Using 90% TM

Im bulking currently. Body weight has went up 63kg --> 68kg. (Height is 5ft6 - so im a manlet)
Really struggling to know why my squat and overhead press are so so slow to progress.

Can someone provide insight/tips?

Much appreciated!

You made good progress in every lift so you should be proud of your effort. What you are doing is working.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably just the day you picked to test your lifts. You got stronger, that’s all that matters. Just stick with it and don’t change until you stop making progress. When it comes to weight lifting any progress is good progress and what you have done is very good. Stick with it.

Could be a variety of reasons, but in reality not every lift will go up equally all the time. Maybe your form got better on the other lifts? Maybe your body is better at those lifts mechanically? Maybe it was a bad day? Maybe the way you lift and the assistance exercise you chose favored the muscles in those lifts over the other lifts?

As long as everything is going up you’re fine man. As you get increasingly advanced these issues will only magnify and you may even find yourself having to maintain your DL and focusing on your squat and then vice versa.